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  • bsx.declines bsx.declines May 17, 2012 8:38 AM Flag

    To all readers of this board a question


    "I currently have a cost average of 6.07".

    You just confirmed my point. You've got stock @ $6.07. Yesterdays close was $6.09. YOU are UNDERWATER with your investment, and you post its performance as 'good'. In my book, when an investment goes sideways, it is NOT good. Thanks for finally being honest. With you its like pulling teeth.

    "You keep saying your this great technical trader".

    I really don't remember saying that, please post a link? TIA

    "I believe you are just an angry man with some kind of vendetta against BSX".

    I'm not angry, and I have no vendetta, I was actually hoping to see it go to $7, but, as I've been pointing out, it just goes sideways, and you just confirmed that with your trade.

    "I believe the stock price is on an up swing".

    You can 'believe' its going parabolic, but that doesn't change the fact that its been going SIDEWAYS.

    Here is indisputable proof:

    This is a One Year Chart.

    Please note the candle on the far left. The Closing Price was $6.90.

    Compare that with the candle on the far right (yesterday) it closed @ $6.09.

    For the reading impaired, or for those in denial (you), it shows this Stock Performed Poorly For The Past Year!

    Indisputable Proof!!!!!

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