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  • bsx.declines bsx.declines May 17, 2012 11:24 AM Flag

    To all readers of this board a question

    "post a trade"

    I don't take orders from anyone, especially someone as disingenuous as you.

    First you post that this stocks 3 month performance was 'good'.

    So I post a 3 Month Chart,showing that it has been moving sideways.

    Unable to handle the truth, and instead of responding to my post, you change the time period, conveniently moving out a couple more months, near the stocks low point.

    I post a One Year Chart, showing the stock to be DOWN FOR THE YEAR, you become frustrated, unable to deal with the cruel truth, and resort to name-calling.

    But in your confused state, you prove my point by admitting YOUR TRADE WAS UNDERWATER.

    Unwilling to deal with the truth, or the fact that you were wrong, you resort to more name-calling, and then retreat like a dog with his tail between his legs.

    Yeah, you're the kind of guy I'm going to follow.....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Here's that 3 Month Chart that you think looks so 'good' (its really moved sideways).

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