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  • bsx_blows bsx_blows May 20, 2012 8:22 AM Flag

    This Msg Board Has A Liar (Ritchie).


    Please respond to this msg, unless you wanted to be outed as a LIAR!!!!!

    "got more today. I am pretty happy".

    Glad yer happy, but I gotta call ya out on that 'buy signal' crap. I think yer lying (again).

    How does it happen that we closed yesterday @ 6.09 (@ 4 PM), then news comes out about the new stent, the after hours price jumps .20 to .30 cents, and then an hour later you post that you 'magically' have a 'buy signal' and you bought more?

    So tell us, oh wise technician, what was the 'signal'?

    ********** DISCLAIMER ***************

    I would like to be totally upfront with you and let you know that the whole board will see you as a liar if you fail to produce a plausible answer.


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    • Pet Dectective clearly you were wrong on one point and misinformed on another.

      First off BSX blows just admitted he is the same person as BSX Declines. Bsx Declines has on several occassions in the past denied the use of several handles. In fact called me out and it was low of me to accuse him of doing such a thing.

      Next I believe that you are misinformed about full Implementation of an FDA approved product. Yes you can start selling the product the day of FDA approval but the physicians do not know about the product. You are unallowed by the FDA to do what is termed Preselling. In fact a corporation can be fined for doing this. You are not allowed to do presentation on investigational features or products the FDA takes this very seriously.

      SO yes there is definitely a ramp up period for any new product for any company.

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      • Most medical devices get CE mark very quickly, then clinical trials are conducted and data is shared during Wall Street CC's and through the company's webpage, with the disclaimer that the device is not approved for use in the US just yet, and that it's only an investigational device in the US. Just look at the media hype about Cameron Health's leadless ICD. The FDA has not approved it, yet people in the US already know about it, and looking at the Cameron Health website, there is this disclaimer at the bottom:
        "This material is intended for general educational purposes only. The products described are investigational in the United States and can only be sold in those countries where appropriate regulatory agencies have approved these products for commercial release."

        Looking at the press release on Boston Scientific's website:

        "The S-ICD System has received CE Mark and has been commercially available in select geographies, including several major European countries, since 2009. The system has been clinically evaluated in a variety of studies and has been implanted in more than 1,000 patients worldwide. Cameron Health received expedited review status and submitted its PMA application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December 2011. Boston Scientific anticipates FDA approval for the S-ICD System in the first half of 2013."

        If what you're saying is true, then the FDA should send in the US Marshals with machine guns and shut down Cameron Health and Boston Scientific immediately based on what is presented on their websites and based on all the information that all the doctors in the US know about Cameron Health. I would recommend you contact the FDA immediately and report Cameron Health and Boston Scientific for the violations you just described. If you do not call the FDA and turn in Cameron Health and your beloved Boston Scientific, you're nothing but a coward.

      • "Bsx Declines has on several occassions in the past denied the use of several handles."

        I'm not sure if you have a reading comprehension issue or not, but this is the ONLY time I've used a different ID, and I did it only because the board LIAR (your friend) was avoiding a question by claiming he had me on Ignore.

        As far as Pet Detective, he had no idea it was me, we don't really know one another, and evidently I hadn't made it clear that it was me.

    • richeydouglas May 20, 2012 11:07 AM Flag

      Markets are down, European debt crises. Other factors affecting the price of BSX. Beyond my control and I am long and think the price should not have gone below 6.09 and think its a extremely great buying opportunity. I bought more and happy with my long term investment. When I sell those shares for 10 bucks I will be sure to let your know. But of course by then you will have changed your screename again.

      Company has made vast improvements and recently we had FDA approval announcements that once full implemented will add to the bottom line.

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