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  • pfein2012 pfein2012 Jun 13, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

    A little TA

    Yesterday, price moved above 200sma with volume greater than 50 day average.

    Today, price has already exceeded uesterday's close.

    Most iInstitutions watch 200ma and see it as dividing line between bullish and bearish trend.

    For my money, this is all bullish. For yours, I have no idea.

    By the way, I doubled up earlier this morning.

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    • Gluteus Maximus,

      Always nice to hear from another (yawn) useless pumper.

      Have you seen the chart lately?

      Oh, woops! I forgot, charts clearly show where the moneys going, and you can't let facts like that get in the way of your useless pumping.

      Would you care to explain why this stock has performed so poorly, if its supposed to be so superior to all the others?

      Price-wise,its down about a buck from where it was a year ago. If you are going to pump it as "developing the latest and greatest innovative technology", wouldn't you expect it to move forward, rather than down?

      Oh yeah, I forget, you pumping fools don't like to face reality.

      Some might see that as being disingenuous...

      Good luck with yer fat butt!

    • Hey thanks for revealing yourself, although I thought it was part of Msg Board Etiquette to post our new alias? Oh well, I guess its so obvious you didn't need to.

      Oh, BTW, so much for that 'Bullish' crap you were spewing in your earlier posts, eh?

      "I won't take the time to tell you why you are so wrong because you are not worth my time."

      Or is it that you really don't know anything? From all your useless pumping (didn't really help the share price much, did it?) I guess THAT confirms how LITTLE YOU KNOW!!!!

    • Looks like the market agrees with you.

    • He's probably an employee of STJ or MDT and is jealous that BSX continues to have double digit growth and builds upon their monopoly in stents and CRM. STJ and MDT have lead problems with their CRM business that everyone knows, and MDT has battery problems with their ICDs also. BSX's monopoly in CRM and stents is here to stay, and losers like bsx-pro have nothing to do except whine like 9 year old girls. STJ and MDT's crap products are a result of extremely poor engineering, which is a reflection of their airhead employees (like bsx-pro). BSX employees are the best and brightest in the business, developing the latest and greatest innovative technology! GO BSX!!!!!

    • Just ignore BSX_PRO (aka BSX_DECLINES, aka BSX_LOSER) as he is a narcissist who lives to prove others wromg and will always deny that he's ever wrong! That's all he has in his life, gtrying to convince others that he knows everything! A narcissist will never admit to being wrong but instead will only attempt to show others why they're wrong! Don't waste your time trying to reason with him as that will not work. Unfortunately there are no treatments or meds for his diagnosis. The only way to avoid his destructive personality is to not feed his fire and ignore him. Best of luck!

    • Did it ever cross your mind that it might be a 'short'?

      For a few posts I assumed you knew what you were talking about. Unfortunately you happen to be a know it all who knows not much.

      I won't take the time to tell you why you are so wrong because you are not worth my time.

      You being rude I took no issue with.
      You being stupid is not my concern.

      This is my last post in this regard.


    • "Just after close 3,305,973 changed hands at $5.95!"

      Or it could be that BSX just bought those shares as part of the share buy back program that is currently on going.

      Now that would be incredibly bullish.

      I am very interested to see on the next quarterly conference call how many shares were bought back during this quarter.

    • "Just after the close 3,305,973 shares changed hands at 5.95!"

      Did it ever cross your mind that it might be a 'short'?

      That wouldn't be so bullish, would it?


    • Just after the close 3,305,973 shares changed hands at 5.95!

      Very bullish in my humble opinion as the old saying goes something like,

      "volume preceeds price"

    • Good stuff bsx_Pro.

      Wow, with DOW up 0.82% BSX is up 1.90% and above 200ma once again bringing into play 50ma at 5.93.

      With 5 minutes left to close ... could it still be possible.

      Good weekend to all.

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