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  • newyorksalute newyorksalute Aug 16, 2012 10:55 PM Flag

    more layoffs

    To insinuate that the layoffs occuring across the medical device industry 'were going to happen anyway', is a naive statement. Look at the timing and also look at the statements by the CEO's of Stryker and Cook. They state that the medical device tax is a driving factor in their layoff decision. Those CEO's have the guts to say it. Yes, there are pricing pressures, but taxes have consequences as stated.
    Higher taxes force companies to raise prices (which they cannot do in this stagnent economy) or they find a cheaper place to manufacture (they outsource! no suprise there). And to clarify, the majority of BSC PAC contributions the past two election cycles have gone to democrats - might want to check your own link! The 2012 cycle is still underway so a conclusion cannot be made. It does appear that BSC is justifiably cutting their contributions to the democrats this cycle but the election cycle is not over yet.
    Franken and Klobuchar were THE deciding votes in the senate on healthcare, if they did not support the medical device tax they could have forged a backroom deal like several of their counterparts did. To come forward after the fact in opposition is ludicrous. This will and has cost thousands of jobs in the medical device industry.

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