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  • ma45342312 ma45342312 Aug 16, 2012 1:34 PM Flag

    What is up with St.Jude???

    From liar #1

    All the shorts or people who are negative on the stock, have chosen to call me liar #1 or maybe #2 I do not care. Imagine that I am long. I am just always trying to learn.

    St. Jude is off 94 cents. I see no news flow to justify this move. What is going on? What am I missing? Is this still reprecusions from the lead recall? Is it because Medtronic is about to annouce earnings for it's 1st quarter 2013 and word is leaking out that StJ has lost market share to Medtronic?

    Any thoughts????

    Thanks for reading


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    • Calling me a trangender mutant cry-baby is cordial????

      You are uncivil and not cordial Lying again

    • First off, you haven't proven anything, other than the fact that you lack a good education.

      I left off part of your post, because it wasn't the main question, but I'm glad you asked, so I'll go over it for you, and I'll even type real slow, so you can keep up with it.

      From your first post:

      "From liar #1

      All the shorts or people who are negative on the stock, have chosen to call me liar #1 or maybe #2 I do not care. Imagine that I am long. I am just always trying to learn."

      So here we have you ADMITTING you are a liar. I thought that was self evident, therefor I left it out.

      Here is my response to your confession:

      "You are #2, richey is #1."

      I was merely correcting your math.

      "From my understanding, you are called a liar because you lie, nothing to do with your trade preference."

      Here I am offering an explanation to why you are considered a liar. Once again, I was merely correcting your statement (You said it was because you were long).

      "I find it interesting that you are a self-diagnosed 'Pea-Brain '."

      Please note, that contrary to what you later said (that I called you a pea-brain) I was NOT calling you a name. I was simply stating, that I found it interesting, that YOU called yourself a 'pea-brain'.

      Now I really did find it interesting. I am quite sure that I am allowed to comment on someones post. As a matter of fact, that's what the bulk of your posts consist of.

      Next, I close out my post with this:

      "Have A Nice Day!"

      So I was being cordial throughout the entire post.

      Then you change the the whole tone of the first two posts, with this:

      A completely NEGATIVE post. For you to imply anything else is a perfect example of you being disingenuous.

    • BSX Prpo blows declines

      This is what your last post says was your response

      "As far as STJ, they got lead problems:"

      Why are you not including everything that you said to me.

      You wouldn't again be trying to create another false impression and starting to tell another lie?
      We have already gone over what Webster says is a lie. IN this train of messages.

      We have already proven you are "uncivil" and have lied in this train of messages. Are you going in for more lies?

      Why do you not include everything you said to me???

    • The only one being deceitful here is you.

      Just look at the very first line of your posts!

      I'm sure you will find a way to justify it though.

      Anyway, here is the question in your first post:

      "St. Jude is off 94 cents. I see no news flow to justify this move. What is going on? What am I missing?"

      My response:

      "As far as STJ, they got lead problems:"

      And I provided this link"

      Pretty straight forward, right?

      Here is your response:

      I believe this proves that it is YOU that has been the trouble-maker, not me.

    • BSX pro blows declines

      You've been stone cold caught being deceitful. How can someone ask someone else to be something they are not. How can you ask me to be civil when you are not. I have proven how uncivil you are and anyone can see that.

      By asking someone to be civil only a civil person has the right to ask that. You are not civil. You are being deceitful

      Stone cold caught lying and being deceitful

    • mama,

      "I have just proving you are deceitful and a liar."

      The only thing you can prove, is what a freaking idiot you are. Again, in the first sentence, ANOTHER grammatical error!

      You're story about me lying is moot, because the board KNOWS you have lied, and now you're try to turn the focus onto someone else.

      The fact that you are making a weak attempt at twisting words and meanings so that they favor your narrowly defined definitions is preposterous.

      You were the 'uncivil' person I was referring to.

      Give it up, you whining crybaby!!!

      Woo Hooo!!!!!!

    • BSX Pro blows declines

      I have just proving you are deceitful and a liar. You try to come off as civil but yet refer to me as a "transgender mutant" that is incredibly "uncivil" You are a liar. Your intent is to deceive readers.

      So your intentions to deceive become increasingly clear.

      Stop lying and behaving like a child and grow - up and be civil

    • "Your a liar"

      And you're an idiot! You can't even write a three word sentence without making a grammatical error!

      You consistently prove all my allegations about you. Its as if you didn't have a normal sized brain.

      I guess that's what you meant when you referred to yourself as having a 'pea sized brain'.

      Woo Hooo!!!!!

      (Have A Great Weekend!!!!!)

    • Your a liar

      and an uncivil rude person

    • mama,

      "If you can't be civil, stay off the board!!!!!!!"

      "Was it your intent to create a false impression that you are a "civil person" to readers of that message? "

      No, my intent was painfully obvious, to anyone with more than one brain cell, that YOU were NOT being CIVIL!

      You asked for information, and I provided it, but you responded like a deenk, so I simply asked that you be civil, or stay off the board.

      You are nothing but a troublemaker, and to be honest, you are starting to make richey look good, which is no easy task.

      "Or again in the same message when you called me a "female" (as if something is wrong with females)"

      If you would learn to read a bit better, it would probably save a lot of time for most of us.

      What I said, was: "From what richey says, you are a female"

      And richey did say that:

      "SO you can either tell me and the board, You now have turned over a new leaf, and you have an intent to be civil towards ever poster on this board going forward"

      As I mentioned earlier, I made an honest attempt at answering your post re: STJ.

      Instead of responding in kind, you went out of your way to be who you really are, and that is a trouble-maker with very poor reading and writing skills.

      And lets not forget that all this nonsense about me being a liar (which I'm not) is YOU trying to hide from the fact that it was YOU who has lied to this board. And when I confronted you with the obvious lie, you told ANOTHER LIE!

      So you can waste as much space on this board as you want, cause at the end of the day, it will be YOU that has lied, not me.

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