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  • bsx_pro bsx_pro Oct 22, 2012 2:52 PM Flag

    Stock spike at the end of trading on Friday

    "Problem was that I do not recall seeing this in the last few minutes of trading in a quarter in this stock in the past."

    Geez, you must be blind, or an idiot (or both) as you only had to go back FOUR days from the 28th, to the 24th (Monday) and you would have seen the exact same move, only in the opposite direction. Guess ya didn't look very hard, huh?

    Your post was just another example of you taking up a lot of space to say NOTHING!

    Are you that needy that you have to write anything, in order to see your name in print?

    Oh, look at me, I can write long posts that shows everyone how wonderful I am!

    As I said before, you sure do waste a lot of space to say nothing!!!!!!!

    BTW, we' down about fifty cents from where we were that day.



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    • BSX Pro

      4 days before would not be the last few minutes of trading in a quarter now would it? As in 31 Mar. June 30th Sept. 30th or Dec 31st.

      Who's got the reading comprehension problem? Who is the idiot? Who is blind?

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      • Ma,

        In your first post, you said:

        "I was trying to figure out what caused the spike in the stock price at the end of the day on Friday. Volume suddenly increased and the stock price jumped 10 cents or so in a matter of a minute or so".

        " At first I thought it was some big time money manager getting his necessary money he has to report at the end of the quarter or end of the month into say the medical device sector since Friday was the last trading day of the quarter. Problem was that I do not recall seeing this in the last few minutes of trading in a quarter in this stock in the past".

        I did NOT say the trade on Monday the 24th was" in the last minutes of the last day". I was suggesting, that for all the hemming and hawing you were doing in that post, you missed the pink elephant in the room.

        You were so concerned with a ten cent move (on a volume of five mil) on Friday, yet you didn't think (or see) a nine cent move (with a volume of eight mil) a few days earlier, on Monday.

        That doesn't seem odd?

        Your post also stated that you thought a ("big time") money manager might have been trying to get "his" money into the medical device sector at the "end of the quarter" or "end of the month".

        Monday certainly qualifies for "end of the quarter" or "end of the month".

        Why you would even THINK a professional investor would wait until the last day, or especially "the last few minutes" is beyond me.

        "Now having read some of the news that came out on BSX at about 5 on Friday. I really think it is becasue of the approval of the S-icd system by the FDA. I think a few people got wind of the FDA having had granted approval of this particular product right before the markets closed on Friday and before the news was made available to the general public"

        So, at this point in your post, you're suggesting 'insider trading'?

        Good one!!!!! Maybe it was Obama, or Osama Bin Laden!

        Also, I did NOT mention a "reading comprehension problem", but the fact that you did is interesting.


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