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  • bsx_pro bsx_pro Oct 18, 2012 11:21 AM Flag

    STJ getting crushed after earnings


    "Love your balanced and well thought out posts. Everyone else seems to exaggerate and stretch the truth."

    I'm not sure how you can attribute words like 'balanced' and 'accurate' to glute.

    Looking back at her price targets, we see $60, $45, and $10. There are probably more if you care to weed through them all, which have NEVER materialized.

    And speaking of BSX, this is yet another poor performance on Earnings Day!

    I believe this is the third time in a row, in which the price has dropped around .25 cents, when it should be UP that amount, or more.

    Current liabilities increased 7.5% to $1.79 billion while assets rose 0.6% to $3.11 billion.

    Its no wonder that 15 of 21 analysts gave it a 'HOLD' rating.

    These are just my observations...


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    • Actually, I am being sarcastic (understatement). I am intrigued by what Gluteus' intent/motives are for posting such completely idiotic things. She no doubt understands how stupid her posts appear and has been doing this for years. Can you speculate on why she would do this? A true pumper would try to be credible to some extent. She makes no effort to conceal how dopey her posts really are. Actually tries to be even more silly with each successive post.

      I am more and more amazed these days at the things people will spend (waste) their time on that provide no real usefullnes to themselves or anyone else. Aside from that, I get a great laugh out of reading her posts. For what they are, they are masterful and very entertaining.

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