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  • yaahhuh yaahhuh Jan 4, 2013 6:02 PM Flag

    Is Boston Scientific good company to work for?

    Is Boston Scientific a good place to work as a "Supply Chain Planner" in MA site ?
    Is this a rewarding position? Is it respected? Or just a "thankless" high volume meat grinder job?
    Is this SPC postion a good spring board to attain higher postions?
    How is the work atmosphere positive or negative....are employees happy with upper management?

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    • Terrible company to work for. They hire totally unqualified CEO - pay them millions of dollars and then they leave with a nice Golden Parachute. They treat their employees klike #$%$ and now - just today - they announced that there would be no raises. Very top heavy with idiot supervisors and managers. Huge layoffs every year and totally worried about numbers instead of quality. Like they say - if you're unemployed go for it - if not don't dare wok here.

    • Feuck it! the worst company to work for. you have to be an idiot to work for supply chain idiotic managers.

    • NO! It is a thankless dead end job! They are manager heavy and most managers do not have a clue as to what is really going on as they are all holding each others...

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Yes, I would recommend working for Boston Scientific!
      Great company with great products ... making a difference in peoples' lives!
      Regarding your questions about your job: "Supply Chain Planner" in MA site ?
      This is probably an entry level or a lower level position.
      Do your best ... you will be rewarded.
      Any position is a good spring board to attain higher positions!
      Work atmosphere is stressful .... ...employees happy or unhappy with upper management, does not matter. Do your job.
      Company has been through a rough time since 2005.
      Has been at the bottom ... should start coming out of the bottom in the next year or two.
      4-5 years from now, you should be happy!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • hurmeneta Jan 21, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

      One of the most incompetent, beauracratic, numbers orientated, back stabbing company out there! No I would'nt recomend working for Boston Scientific....find a company where you'll have a future.

    • What's your point ? If you've a job, you must be happy. Otherwise, go ask Obama for some handout. For those not working, almost everything is free now.

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      • No, I just lost my high tech materials management job that I've held since 2000.........due to the Obama economy. I now need a new job. I am not a free loader! I believe everyone should carry their own weight in this country....too many slackers now on the Govt dole! I voted for Romney.....even went to his Pres Rally in Manchester NH. I can't believe how ignorant(dumbed down) our American populus has gotten! Very sad outlook for the U.S.A. in next 4 years....too many Americans wanted 'freebies' ! They will all pay for those so-called freebies down the road. No one gets anything for free! Obama ideology can be read via Saul Alinky's - Rules for Radicals.....IMHO....type it in the search field....very scary outlook....Obama is using these techniques to destroy our U.S.A. capitlistic system ...our economy will be flat for the next 4 years...... per CEO of Cyprss Semicondutor and CEO from Honeywell , both mentioned on CNBC's Kudlow & Company that they will not hired any new employee's to due Obama's policy's.....they will add by attrition.....existing EMP's will take on more responsibilities going forward...

    • Jim Cramer, a highly known and successful stock analyst, warned many years ago that BSC is stockholder adverse, which history proved to be true. The stock declined from $45 to $5 after management sold $millions just prior to a major recall in 2004, leaving stockholders and BSC employees holding the bag. (ref. massive insider sales just prior to summer 2004). Investors and BSC employees were not aware that a recall was looming as they were. Many of those "I got mine and to hell with the rest of you" sellers are still in executive management and holding lord over BSC employees, so I would be think twice about joining BSC. If BSC is your only job lead, then go for it, otherwise seek to work for a company with more respectable management and a better track record for caring for its stockholders and employees.

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      • ajh8864 Jan 7, 2013 6:45 PM Flag

        well said.....

        I worked for this company years ago during the Tobin #$%$ years. You can bet that after executive management spent 24.6 billion going up against J&J for Guidant, plus the soon after "corporate warning letter", they only had themselves in mind. This proved to be the 1-2 punch. It soon became a "pump and dump" even to the point of selling how good the stock was too the employees. Thank goodness I sold and left.

        I agree,...find another most this is a short term position, the company also has a long and recent history of layoffs.
        Good luck.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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