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  • goofy_investor goofy_investor Jul 12, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    BSX vs MDT

    BSX is not growing its revenue or income while MDT does.
    BSX has a heavy debt and it is cash negative while MDT is cash positive.
    BSX has very high PE while MDT has the lowest.
    BSX is pumped while MDT is not.
    BSX has been downgraded by a few analysts like ZACK and Citi, MDT is not.
    BSX will have no place to go but down in future while MDT has a lot of room to go up.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • There is nothing wrong with your MDT, but it is up 25% this year(while not bad), BSX is the clear winner being up %65. BSX is far mor likely to be up %300 over the next 5 years than MDT. I suggest you own them both so you can't lose.

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      • radio_cpwboy,
        Wishful thinking without any support for your opinion is different from reality.
        Bring at least one source that support your theory. Just a week ago, ZACK and CITI analysts published something about BSX that was close to reality.
        Then look at PE of MDT and BSX and find out which one has more potential.
        Even a poll of analysts put medain target of $9 and mean target of $9.45 for BSX. BSX already above both.
        On the other hand, a poll of analysts put MDT mean target and median target at $55.50 which is above current price.
        And then again, look at history of BSX that is full of disappointment.
        And then again, recent sharp gain of 65% without any increase to the income and revenue.
        and then again look at BSX flat income in past 4 quarters (.11, .10, .11, .10) and compare it to sequential growth in MDT income (.85, .89, .91, 1.03).
        If BSX gained 65% this year without any upgrade to it income/revenue sound troubling and dengerous stock to own. I think some big pockets traders and Vegas players pushed BSX up and when they take their profit the price will drop and it becomes same old penny stock again.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Goofy investyor Med investor

      Which ever handle you are using today. Are we being misleading or deceptive? Lets look at the numbers.

      Numbers in billions

      MDT total revenue ttm 16.59 debt 10.69

      BSX total revenue ttm 7.14 debt 4.56

      Do the math BSX debt load is less than MDT........Why you making stuff up???? Numbers do not lie!!!

      Source yahoo key statistics tab for each company

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