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  • buzzmarr buzzmarr Dec 18, 1997 6:45 PM Flag


    Anyone know how much of the revenue that BSX as a whole makes vs percetage of what SCIMED is supposed to bring in for the CO. I just wonder if SCIMED is That major of a money maker compared to the rest of the CO. Analysts seem to think they live and die by the cardiology sub...I don't have the numbers. Maybe you number guys can shead some light.

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    • Sciemed as a division is the vascular branch of BSX. The totals ales for Scimed including Inter national sales exceeds 440% of the BSX Sales and growing. When the Stents hit the market this No. is likely to hit 50% or greater. It is BSX'S LARGEST DIVISION FOR PROFITS AND SALES.

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      • Hang on now...Scimed is the Cardiology, EP tech is elctrophysiology..similar only different..lots of time to explain, Meadox Is for Vascular surgery, microvasive is for Urology and Gastroenterology, Meditech (the original) is for vascular radiology, Neuro Intv. Systems...for neurorads...Majority is Target after being bought??, Scimed...cardiology, adn Cardiac Assist..which I think was recently sold..SO all but Microvasive is a VASCULAR branch

        For clarification: Vascular does not mean heart..It means vessels and only SCIMED is wholely for the heart/cardiology.

        And several of these products overlap..I use cardiac catheters as some of my main steering catheters for everything, including putting in Gastric feeding tubes. We all cross buy.

      • WTcowboy and anyone else:

        Boston Scientific Corporation markets its broad line of less-invasive products through (a) vascular and (b) non-vascular groups.

        Question #1: What is the approximate allocation of BSX sales between vascular and non-vascular products?

        Vascular products are supplied and serviced through four operating divisions:

        (1) EP Technologies in interventional cardiac electrophysiology,

        (2) Meadox in vascular and endovascular surgery,

        (3) Medi-tech in vascular surgery, interventional radiology and neuroradiology and

        (4) SCIMED in interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery.

        Question #2: If these divisions consitute 100% of BSX vascular products, what is the approximate allocation between these divisions? I think this is the relationship that Buzzmarr is looking for; in particular, the allocation of sales between Medi-tech and SCIMED.

        Non-vascular products are supplied and serviced through two operating divisions,

        (1) Microvasive Urology in endourology, and

        (2) Microvasive Endoscopy in gastroenterology.

        Question #3: If these divisions consitute 100% of BSX nonvascular products, what is the approximate allocation between these divisions?

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