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  • Check this out...the major problem with placing stents in arteries is the endothelial hyperplasia..chronic inflammation that happens from a feign object in the artery..that causes the inside lining of the artery to "thicken" and thus occlude the vessel again. Cardiac physiology is different than peripheral physiology, therefore, cardiologist can stent very small vesses. If you stent anything in a leg say, that is less than 5 mm in dia..the restenosis rate approaches 100% in 2-3 years.

    Point being..this new company is working on endovasular appliances that retard endothelial proliferation...That could be the most revolutionaly thing since the stent itself. There are some other researches and everything has failed so far...including low dose radioactive stents! Don't get your hopes up yet..but if they get it done...It will be huge.

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    • I am over my defessive stage...what are the "discrediting" things that concern you...I will answer anything you ask as completely as I can..I will not be totally unbiased, as there are some things that I like to use and others I refuse to use. And If that does not satify you..research the last name for referrences in the angio / interventional literature.

    • a physician..."out there"..What puzzles that there are so many "people in the know" who have never placed
      any of these things in anyones body who are so knowledgable. What do you want to know? I am totally candid and am just stating
      what I am familiar with. I have told everyone that I am not a cardiologist...and that is what this board is pre-occupied with.
      Just making observations from the Radiology side and maybe that is why the assumptions from the analysts about BSX are not
      correct...because they are making them from a different context. BSX is a radiology company...

    • With all due respect, Buzzmarr, but I do not believe you're a physician. You've said a few too many discrediting things that leads me to make this observation. Please don't debate this and waste time on this board; i.e., if you are, you are, and nothing more needs to be said. If you're not, I just wanted to bring it to your and others attention before you get a little too far "out there".

    • Isn't CES (Cordis Endovascular Systems) also selling into this market? If so, how are they doing relative to Target, their main competitor. Although they are now part of JnJ, I thought they were making some inroads (at least prior to the merger). Any thoughts?

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      • This is interesting..Target actually started as a co that "primarily" has "targeted" LOL the Neurorads for their
        interventions in the brain. That is why they started as such LONG catheters. Then everyone started using them as a coax system to get into
        very small vessels...peripheral and cardiologists. Cordis has a HUGE following in is the main corp. When I used to
        help at instructional courses that many Europeans attended..they were mainly familiar with Cordis. In the US, Target seems to
        have won the battle (from the RADIOLOGY perspective). I know the Neurorads like Target over the Cordis product. Cordis is cheaper
        price wise.

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