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  • stentemscott stentemscott Dec 23, 1997 11:33 AM Flag


    Hey buzz...Blow Me. Why don't YOU have the balls to identify yourself if you are such an expert. Everybody knows Radiologists aren't real doctors anyway. All you should be doing is chasing shadows. Your half-baked opinions on your limited knowledge of this broad market are of little or no consequence and the best thing for you to do is quit trying to offer advice to serious investors. The best way to do that? SHUT UP you wack!

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    • Stentemscott and everyone else with ignorance to the world of catheters, fluoroscopy, and percutaneous intervention--

      I'm sorry to inform you, but the techniques of fluoroscopically-guided percutaneous intervention as they are used today in
      Radiology, Cardiology, Urology, and Vascular Surgery, were originally developed by RADIOLOGISTS. I do know what I'm talking about since
      I am a resident in Radiology, and will be applying for fellowship into Interventional Radiology. If it weren't for the insight
      and pioneering spirit of our predecessors in Radiology, these procedures may not exist. Furthermore, you may not have a job.

      I also should inform you that Radiologists are very capable physicians. Some of the most tenuous patients come to the IR suite because they are too sick for conventional surgery, and they seem to make out just fine during our procedures. So, before you conclude that Radiologists aren't real doctors, think before you post your thoughts. Otherwise, you'll only show your ignorance.

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      • Don't worry about scott, he is a frustrated sales rep that used to work at Cordis and then jumped ship to AVEI. He works in the Texas med center mainly and has as big a reputation as an asshole as he sounds like on the web. I actually even have one of his old cordis cards in my pocket..and needless to say, his pesonality shines through in person. Don't give him a second thought.

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