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  • bchastain_98 bchastain_98 Dec 31, 1997 12:02 AM Flag

    Alright, Already

    We have been talking about cardiology vs radiology for what seems like the last 50 messages. Don't you guys have anything useful to say concerning the stock itself? It was up 2 5/16 today. Why? Can we start talking about fundamental and technical aspects of the stock itself? Some of what you say is useful but it has gone way too far and seems to be digressing to a cardiology vs radiology profession.

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    • Radiology VS Radiology AND cardiology. You see, this is a company that services 2 very different industries
      (actually more) with supplies. As an investor, I think it is wise to be knowledgable about the company as a whole. As much as people
      like to talk pe ratios etc..I think one of the best indicators of a company is its performance in the service they provide..not
      just the ledger sheet. If you look back through the may find that people did ask those questions addressed on
      accasion specifically to my self. Most of the folks here have a good understanding of the cardiology and I don't..and they have asked
      questions about radiology. That is how people learn. I , BTW, don't see you adding anything to ANY of the conversation except

    • Bought 150 @ 50 after the WSJ two months ago. Bought additional
      150 @ 44 again. The reason:

      Vickers Top Ten Direct Insider Holders for BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORP

      Name Shares Held Market Value Held
      NICHOLAS, PETER M. 27,066,082 1,493,709,400
      PROMERICA, LP 26,058,670 1,438,112,851
      NICHOLAS, PETE IRTR79 16,007,557 883,417,052
      ABELE, JOHN E. 14,219,956 784,763,822
      CIFFOLILLO, JOSEPH A. 540,375 29,821,945
      BEST, LAWRENCE C. 68,792 3,796,459
      NICHOLAS, N.J. JR 50,000 2,759,375
      BERMAN, MICHAEL 22,051 1,216,940
      FLEISHMAN, JOEL L. 18,250 1,007,172
      MABREY, MICHAEL C. 10,174 561,478

      Vickers shows that insiders also acuired over 500K shares recently.

      Follow the money. This company is managed by guys that have a heavy vested interest in the stock doing well.

      See Ya in 98.

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