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  • hci_98 hci_98 May 28, 1998 5:06 PM Flag

    To Roentgen99 - Are you sure?

    This sounds like great news as I am short BSX and long AVEI, but how can your information be verified, and why the DELAY? Thanks.

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    • I am getting different info on the street....the
      occurence of restenosis seems to be higher than with the
      Palmaz-Schatz stent...but, cardiologists seems to like the
      other stents better because they are easier to

    • It is unfortunate....HIABLM seems to be
      habitually, it becomes necessary to put him in
      his place, as you can see many people have
      done....its always that one person who loves to stir up the
      pot....the rest of us just want to get along and have good
      exchange of information and opinions!

      By the way,
      restenosis is the recurrence of a stenosis condition as in a
      heart valve or vessel. Stenosis is the narrowing or
      constriction of a passage or orifice.

      Hope that helps!

    • After clearing an artery, the blockage can
      reoccur or the vessel can collapse,causing the artery to
      be blocked again, that is restinosis. A stent (looks
      like a really high tech ball point pen spring) is put
      in place to hold the blood vessel open and/or
      hopefully to keep it from getting blocked again.

    • The two trials cited were FDA required randomized
      trials that each company had to perform and show
      equivalence to an already approved product (Palmaz-Schatz) in
      order to receive approval to market in the U.S. They
      both have a very high degree of validity - hundreds of
      patients, dozens of sites, strict protocol, randomized,
      follow-up by independent lab, etc.Bottom line is under
      similar circumstances, the newer generation stents with
      good radial strength and vessel wall coverage, all
      yield very good long term results and there isn't one
      that is superior to the others. There are, however,
      significant differences in performance attributes -
      trackability, visibility, size options, etc.

    • I thought this was getting to be a good board
      where those of us without a strong medical background
      could learn something about this company.

      sorry to see the attempt by some to become "board
      monitors" who would discourage some of the recent
      posts...and are ugly about it. Maybe someday there will be a
      Yahoo screen similar to my e-mail screen so I can avoid
      some of these messages without even having to scroll would be nice!

      I have appreciated those
      who have tried to bring up products and markets.

      But what is retinosis, and what is the importance of
      this? What journal published the studies that
      determined no difference in retinosis between different
      stents? I assume from the post that these are published
      in "A" level medical research journals, so that
      should have significant impact...but statistics don't
      always overcome perceptions.

      Or are these
      company-backed clinical tests?

      Any given study, no
      matter how good, is never without limitations and
      certain threats to validity. While I don't do medical
      research, I am a researcher and understand the strengths
      and limitations of statistics, so I would appreciate
      more information on these studies if

      At least to me...the question out of this is how do
      these issues affect BSX and their product lines? I
      apologize for my lack of medical knowledge and appreciate
      help anyone can give! Thanks in advance.

    • Hey /Dickhead!

      Nir not near. Shut the fuck up! Your credibility sucks. So quit your goofy commentary.

    • "the other competitive stents to J&J are easier
      to place but you still get a much greater instance
      of restenosis....hmmmmmm...interesting wouldn't you

      Let's see,......'greater instance',..........hmmmmmm,
      that translates to, 'considerably large

      So, you're saying that stents other than Palmaz pose
      the, 'considerably larger example' of restenosis
      syndrome that threatens to plague society?

      Did you
      read that in your latest copy of "Stents Weekly"?

    • there's more to life than cardiology,
      HIABLM....and, by the way, the other competitive stents to J&J
      are easier to place but you still get a much greater
      instance of restenosis....hmmmmmm...interesting wouldn't
      you say??

    • HIABL was focusing on JnJ's Cardiology franchise,
      ie, thru Cordis. JnJ is probably a good investment,
      but not necessarily for its Cordis division (at least
      not lately).

      Now, should they buy AVE, as has
      been rumored off and on for several years (of course,
      it was $12 presplit once), they would be back in the
      stent business. But it would cost several billion to
      get back in, with additive annual profits of
      potentially several hundred million per year. Hmmm.....

    • Hamnsnorkenegger,

      Either you two can't
      read or are just plain ignorant, or are you one in the
      same? Snorky, you accused BSX of practices that you
      believe are OK as long as you are J&J, Pfizer, or Bard. I
      straightened you out on that but you don't get it. You really
      get it. My previous post wasn't about stock
      at all but somehow that was what you interpeted, and
      Hamnegger, you blindly followed him like a

      J&J and Pfizer bought into the Minimally Invasive
      Medical Device Industry and have squandered their
      investment IN THAT INDUSTRY. Bard self destructed long ago
      and will not recover unless they change their name.
      They were indicted and found guilty of releasing
      product without FDA approval about 6 years

      BSX, MDT, GDT, and AVEI, compete IN THE SAME INDUSTRY.
      These and some other companies specialize and will
      therefore better serve their customers WITHIN THEIR

      Now you two have to change your names to avoid public

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