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  • GorillaX GorillaX Jun 25, 1998 9:52 AM Flag

    Take your profits now...

    The big boys are taking theirs right now...

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    • Probably a good thing. Very smart of them to
      borrow the money instead of doing a dilutive
      transaction. This type of transaction help to raise the
      possible take-over price. Now AVE has rails, balloon
      technology, wire technology, perfusion technology, etc. USCI
      has been a dog via due to their own arrogance, they
      stepped on themselves and never recovered. The good thing
      is that they still have competetive technology. This
      is clearly going to be and issue for BSC to swallow.
      Pretty quiet in Indianapolis (Santa Clara) these days!

    • It's pretty quiet on the board today?
      What do you think about AVEI buying Bard?

    • I'm not sure that the tapered vessel issue is
      really a big deal unless you are dealing with really
      long segments. My point earlier was that this is an
      imperfect art and the implication that a couple of
      thousands of an inch (in a stent) are important for lumnal
      obstruction is rather a reach. The problem I have seen with
      the self expanding stents in the coronaries is lack
      of radial strength. These things do better when they
      are "over expanded" if you will. The self expanding
      stents, mainly the nitinol (sic) ones seem to work better
      in low pressure systems such as peripheral and
      abdominal settings. It seems that BSX is touting the NIR
      much harder than the Radius, which in itself is
      interesting. As I mentioned in numerous messages, I own 4
      medical stocks, MDT, AVEI, BSX, and GDT. I believe that
      they are all winners, albeit for different reasons. I
      love the input of the cardiologists from the
      application aspect of these devices. My input is from the
      business end.

    • As I have mentioned, I am not an IC. I am in the
      business end of this stuff and have been for about 16
      years. My point isn't that the stent is or is not fully
      deployed. Additionally, you know as well as I do that less
      than 100% of the stents deployed are then IVUS'd, I
      would guess less than 50% at this time. My point is
      that we have been trying to combine an art, which
      interventional cardiology is, with a science, which cardiology
      in general represents. The thought that because one
      stent may have struts that are 0.001" radially thicker
      (which is strange because not all struts are round, many
      are actually rectangular) it may be "protruding" into
      the lumen is rather silly. Full deployment is full
      deployment and especially dectectable by IVUS, these devices
      end up in all kinds of opposition positions. How many
      deployed stents have you seen via IVUS that aren't
      perfectly round? I've seen a bunch. In fact, I would guess
      that I have seen over Remember, this is not the
      message board of the ACC, it is in fact a board on which
      the business of cardiology is discussed and how your
      expierence along with mine (and obviously many others with
      similar and opposing views) are blended to give those who
      care a balanced view of this business. I will say
      again that all of these companies are and will be
      winners and the input of the ic community with respect to
      the performance issues of these products of
      invaluable, however there seems to be a great deal of
      misleading info as well. I'm not the truth police, just a
      guy who has a pretty good understanding of the
      business trying to help those who are trying to seperate
      the bull from the cow.

    • Beezerx2, It is interesting to here your concerns
      with placing a stent in a tapered vessel. Do you think
      this may be a good application for a self-expanding
      stent which is way more conformable than SS? I hear
      Radius will be approved any day now and am wondering
      what kind of market share it can grab.

    • beezerx2, Based on the tone of your previous
      message, it appears that at times, you are less then 100%
      confident with your stent deployment. I'm just curious,
      after placing a difficult stent, do you use
      Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) to check it? If not, why not?
      BSX is developing a new IVUS system and has just
      launched a new 2.6F 40MHz IVUS catheter.

    • Is the point of your message that because the GFX
      has thicker struts that somehow these struts
      "protrude" into the lumen causing some sort of a problem?
      Are you telling us that your stent placement is so
      exact and perfect that you can put a 3.0mm Nir into a
      Mid-LAD with a diameter difference over the lentgh of the
      stent in the area of .3mm and get perfect opposition of
      the stent, end to end, radially as well? That no part
      of that stent is either under or over deployed? And
      that in your estimation, the thickness of the GFX is
      actually causing some sort of induced obstruction? By the
      way, don't misunderstand me, BSX will do very well
      with the NIR, but subtle differences not withstanding,
      it is a slotted tube.

    • First of all, I love your monniker. I want to
      retire too! I fully agree and have stated so on this
      board. Owning a piece of company that is in a growing
      market is a very good strategy. The only downside is if
      the equity you own is in a dog. AVEI, GDT, BSX, and
      MDT are all winners. Maybe for different reasons. I
      don't think that AVEI will be bought, but only the
      folks in Santa Rosa know for sure (and maybe the folks
      in New Brunswick too!). My point in all of these to
      share my 16 years of interventional cardiology
      experience. I remember when SciMed was a one product company
      too, and it wasn't even a balloon! My biggest fear for
      all BSX followers is what happens when the GFX2 is
      available? Sorry for the run on.

    • Thanks....excluding any FDA problems, I believe
      there is money to be made on both these companies in
      the next couple quarters. I guess my point to WeBe is
      that even with the GFX, there is still alot of market
      available for NIR

    • Just because 2 different cars have 4 wheels each
      does not mean that they perform the same.If you have
      ever designed anything(maybe you have not) you would
      know that there are various material and mechanical
      aspects that can affect performance.That is where the NIR
      stent differs from ordinary slotted tubes.Which by the
      way, the NIR is NOT a slotted tube.The NIR geometry
      has many subtle design features that have huge
      performance pay-offs.As far as the AVE stent having thicker
      struts, that also means that more of the stent will block
      the artery lumen.Every design aspect requires certain
      trade-offs and the NIR hasthe most balanced design I have
      ever seen. And I have seen and used them all.

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