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  • tradojohn tradojohn Jul 18, 1998 1:54 PM Flag

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    • Any comment on my assertion that the field trials have yet to reproduce the phase 1 numbers?
      Thanks again, good stuff.

    • The average Radiation doseage is delivered (Beta)
      in 5 to 15 minutes. The current trails require a
      Radiation Oncologist to be present. These systems will
      prove safe and fool proof. The computer figures the
      dose and Radiated source half-life to deliver the
      perfect exposure.Look for Radiation Oncologist to be out
      of the picture by final FDA appproval.Studies being
      conducted on de novo lession and restenosed stents.

    • I have seen all that stuff, but I have also heard
      the initial data has, so far, been VERY difficult to
      reproduce. My questions are:
      1) I do not believe that
      radiologists are certified to introduce both beta and gamma
      and therefore the proceedure will require a rad/onc
      MD in every case. What is the chance of that
      happening? 2) Who are the candidates? DeNovo's, 1st
      restenosis, SVG's, LIMA/RIMA's, in-stent restenosis?, and
      3) From what I have read, these cases are very time
      consuming; when a stent can be done in 1 hour, skin to skin,
      is there going to be a market for a 3-4 hour
      proceedure that reduces restenosis from the high 20's to the
      high teens?

    • Sorry, my mistake, I thought I had read that info
      some time back. Thanks for the info, I have lots of
      questions re:iv radiation primarily due to a family friend
      being a radiation oncologist. I appreciate your input.

    • Been in Int. Card. through out the 90's and AVE
      salesforce is as good as any. Ultimately it is the product
      and its attributes that will determine marketshare,
      usage patterns, etc.BSX will try to shift focus away
      from a me too, older generation stent and on to things
      such as "socs", delivery system, etc. Will it work? In
      some cases yes, but the best stent technology will
      likely prevail just as it has in other parts of the
      world. There will have to be something about Nir that is
      clearly superior to gfx or Multilink for it to knock
      those two out of labs. Based on the specs and data, I'm
      not sure what that might be.

    • about (from the exposure I've had to) the AVE
      "army" are
      the similarities to another California
      company, the
      Oakland Raiders. There seem to be a
      number of AVE
      field sales people that have failed or
      been terminated from
      other medical device
      companies. I am confidant there were
      some bight
      visionaries that joined the company 12-18
      months ago,
      however, there seem to be a number of 'salary
      tragedies' that were brought in to fill the roster.

      How is the Fonz?

    • You made the challenge, we choose the time and
      place. Time; 1998, 1999, & 2000. Place; All domestic and
      foreign markets. BTW, SciMed is just one division, you
      have all of BSX to contend with. You may be the
      toughest guys on your own block but now you're playing
      with the the big people. Do you feel lucky?

    • With the historical trading pattern of
      BSX,especially the huge trough earlier in the year,and a pe at
      60,i was examining this one as a short candidate.Do
      you longs really think this company will make it
      through sept/oct crash intact as a result of good
      earnings or will a lousy market bring this baby back to
      the 60's.
      Good Luck

    • C'mon SciMed, get your "me-too" invisible slotted tube out and let's go mano y mano and see who the big boy reaalllyyy is.

    • Watch out for Novoste in the U.S. Guidant may
      have the stronger patent position. They purchased
      NeoCardia and Nucletron to give themselves, not only a good
      product entry for radiation, but arguably the strongest
      patent position in the U.S.

      There may also be
      market challenges with radiation, such as, the
      cardiologist can't do the procedure alone. Current regulations
      require that a doc whose licensed to handle radiation be
      present during the procedure, like a radiologist. This
      will be expensive and complicate scheduling, etc.
      There will also be potentially major logistical issues
      for companies not used to handling radioative

      You guys are right, though, it has gotten
      the biggest hype and potentially some impressive
      results in trials. My question is, what will restenosis
      rates be 6-12 months after a stent procedure in
      1999/2000 when newer stents are out compared to radiation
      results? How good is good enough?

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