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  • sapray5433 sapray5433 Jul 27, 1998 4:59 AM Flag



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    • Re: your points:1. Agree2. Nir not # 1 in
      Europe...GFX and Duet are. Nir 3rd. If you insist Nir is # 1,
      please cite most recent quarter sales figures from
      Europe for Nir.3. Will be able to sell Rx in U.S. but
      will not be able to sell Rx with hypotube
      shaft...patent recently issued to USCI. 4. At one time, yes. Now
      no. They have hired many many new people over the
      past year or so. If you said best marketing, I'd say
      yes.5. Maybe so but what about $2.6 billion in long term
      debt?6. P/E is pretty high already, how in the world do
      you figure $170?

    • Look at the fundamentals:
      1. BSX is a solid
      company with a great pipeline of products, and great
      researsh ( especially in Cardio)
      2. The NIR (approval
      by end of AUGUST) is the #1 selling setnt in
      3. Just got all the PATENTS for "rail" technology
      from Schneider.
      4. Best sales force in the
      5. All the forward spend happened LAST
      Bottom line. BSX is an ABSOLUTE STEAL even at $80/share.
      Hop on while you can folks, the BSX train is now
      bording for destination $170 by this time next year

    • here is the article:

      Quote, News &
      Company Digest

      Boston Scientific backs 1998 EPS of $1.90

      CHICAGO, July 28 (Reuters) - Medical devices maker Boston
      Scientific Corp. on Tuesday provided support for the First
      Call 1998 median earnings estimate of $1.90 a share,
      compared to $1.66 in 1997. On a conference call with
      analysts, Chief Financial Officer Larry Best said, "Our
      internal review, division-by-division roll-up, just
      completed literally in the last week, those numbers show
      that $1.90 is in the ballpark."
      Rtr 18:23

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    • You forget that the stent approval is already
      factored into the price. Went from the 40s to the 70s
      after BSX informed analysts of the NIR stent earlier
      this year.

      EPS 0.39, missed it by a penny. This
      one is going back to 50.

    • Snot,

      What teriffic insight you have!

    • thanks for your insights. i agree that we will
      see a good day when the approval is announced.
      however, i think all the talk about splits etc is somewhat
      irrational. heartport had a good day when it went from 18 to
      30 on the announcement but it is now at 5. as a long
      term holder (not a trader) i am more interested in the
      numbers as that is all that matters when the music stops.
      and.... the numbers here are starting to look a little
      scary. best wishes to all bsx holders

    • Anyone who follows med device companies knows
      what will happen when approval hits. Look at historic
      Cardima (CRDM) got clearance for pathfinder earlier this
      month, goes from 2 � to 11 in one day (closed around
      Target Therapeutics, approval for GDC, goes from mid
      twenties to over 100 in a few of months (prior to BSX
      Heartport (HPRT) receives clearance for system and goes
      from 18 to 30 in about a month. (a great example of
      the old saying Past performance is no indication of
      future performance).
      I believe the same happened for
      GDT and their stent release.

      Writing�s on the

      I am open to listen to disagreements

    • time for a reality check. the approval of the nir
      is already built into the price. we are looking at
      over 2 billion in debt (calc the yearly interest on
      that) and a pe of 100. i think we will see 60 before 80
      but am optomistic for the long term.

    • Hope you are wrong. I don't know how much more of this I can take.^&%*$(#)@_!+, there goes one of my auxiliary chips, I'm fading and I can't get up.

    • Pete told us during a meeting earlier in the year
      the split would be in July when the stock hit 90. 2
      to 1 was the ratio quoted back then.

      latest journey through the plant stated a price of $100
      by December. But is that before or after a split?

      I'd love to see it split now to 40 and run up to
      100!!! But if he said 100....I would guess this means no
      split this fall.

      Have a great Tuesday!

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