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  • smskip smskip Aug 12, 1998 3:15 PM Flag

    On the way Down?

    Would that be the consensus?

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    • Are you still #1 in your account that is
      EVALUATING the spear, uh I mean the NIR? Wait till you're
      gone, when the cardioloigist doesn't have your stanky
      breath on his neck, and then we'll see what happens, you
      blustering mongrel, but enjoy the ride... it should be
      relatively brief. Oh, nice hair by the way, did Cy Spurling
      help out with that?

    • You are generous; most of us stopped this sort of thing in the third grade.

    • There are covered stents being used in Europe for
      the coronaries. Not sure if there is a formal trial,
      or whether the stents were actually designed for
      coronaries, but they are being used. JoMed makes some good
      ones; JoMed has been in the stent business for some
      time now (I think limited to Europe so far).

    • Hey Badcat,

      I would never want to be on
      "your" team. If your BSX managers read your posts you
      would be an unemployed millionaire. Looks like you
      might need to start looking at some other
      Try Amway. Everyone hates those people also. You
      would be a good fit.

    • What are your thoughts on the covered stent for
      the coronries? Will there ever be a delivery system
      small enough for a 3.0 vessel, what applicaitons, which
      companies are going to be in the game?

      Any feedback
      would be appreciated.

    • If there was a "V" chip preventing redneck idiots
      from New Orleans who scorded between a 60-61% on their
      fifth try at the GED exam you two idiots would nothing
      to do this summer! To the rest of the readers of
      this board I would like you to know two

      1) Don't worry! The new eppisodes of cops will be on
      soon and these two idiots will be pre-occupied from
      8-9PM New Orleans. Additionally, they will be spending
      the eight hours prior trying to figure out why the
      "Clapper" has a short in it.

      2) The attorneys of BSC
      and AVEI are doing everthing to add an IQ exam to the
      existing no-compete clause.

    • You are both full of shit and a lier, and as a
      friend of BSX I'm glad you were admonished in the last
      post. I have worked with BSX for over a decade and know
      all top management (the same people who would not
      recognize you in roon) personally There are several very
      important issues the company has legitimate concerns about
      that affect their and your financial viability.
      They clearly had no choice but to overpay for Scneider
      to avoid patent infringement judgements that would
      have ruined them.
      2- It is disgraceful that the
      leading balloon company in the world should be so late to
      market with a stent- and then it is a stent developed by
      another company that they are paying off very
      3-All labs already have the shelves stocked with the
      competitors product and they are not going to place big
      orders for your stents until you convincingly prove
      Medinaol and BSX management are not getting along and
      Medinol has their name prominently displayrd on all your
      marketing material and actual product for the Nir. Goldman
      Sachs is working with Medinol on an IPO. What happens
      to the wonderful BSX Nir stent when Medinol
      establishes their own presence.
      4- Many of the excellant
      men and women who built Scimed into a great company
      before a dweeb such as yourself worked for them are no
      longer with the company.
      5-Major investments in
      rotoblater and IVUS will never return the money spent on
      6 The sales force isn't what it used to be. Many
      excellant sales people have moved into middle management
      and been replaced by weaker players and some have
      moved on to other companies, including AVE.
      So shut
      up and keep selling big guy because this companies
      stock price is in for a fall and you'll have to earn
      you're money from sales and not stock options(although
      it is unlikely you're important enough to have any).

    • The real BSX people are getting embarrassed by your high school antics on this board. Please stop making us look bad. Let the facts speak for themselves and have some class.

    • Hey homechops.......I own you!! come out and
      play.....Ha Ha....Hide behind your little Homechops
      label....You made my day!! Are you the dude who likes to PUSH
      people arround? Are you the midget? Or are you one of
      the retreads??...I'm gonna have fun with this you
      made my day......thank you.....P.S. save your money!!
      you may be in for rough times....come on crush
      me....many have tried...I'll out work you and I have the key
      relationships you'll never have....come and get me....don't be

    • Hey Terry, shut the fuck up. can't wait to crush
      you. everyone is gonna try your new toy...thus your
      "100%". You're a loudmouth moron and your customers hate
      you. That's right, Terry Roberts in New Orleans, idiot
      extrordinaire. Enjoy your shitty commissions 2% boy. This may be
      the battle but we win the war! Self-important jerk.

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