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  • balloonsr balloonsr Sep 27, 1998 12:47 PM Flag

    Recall Problems

    Its not just the Nighthawk diagnostic catheters -
    2 of their new interventional wires( the Quest and
    The Zigzag) - where recalled weeks after they where
    introduced - Now maybe the NIR on
    Sox - Market is
    beginninig to wonder if they can produce anything on their

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    • The Schneider acquisition does several other
      things for BSX strategically;

      -it improves the
      competitiveness of BSX in Europe where the Schneider franchise
      was most successful
      -it secures the peripheral
      market for BSX, where their Meditech Division has been
      the dominant player and growth is a compound 15%. The
      Schneider stent was mostly sold for peripheral
      applications, not coronary.
      -the Wallstent will be the first
      approved for carotid applications, thereby giving BSX the
      lead in this large projected market
      -finally, the
      Bonsel patents for rapid exchange and the license from
      Cordis on Nylon balloons are both highly important for
      competition with Guidant in the U.S.

    • The Schnieder acquisition will do a couple things
      for BSX

      1) It gives them a solid pipeline of
      patents for the future. Things such as delivery systems
      for stents that will keep them ahead of the

      2) It will give them excellent market presence in
      the self expanding metal stent market. I believe
      Schnieder did about $300 million in sales last year and
      took a large chunk of Cordis's market share from the
      Palmaz Stent (which is balloon expandable)

      It was
      a good move, although expensive, that will position
      BSX for the future.

    • For the last several years these people have had
      the only decent
      balloon technology on the market,
      it's easy to sell when you had the only good balloon.
      Now this cocky attitude has bit them in the butt.
      Cath labs are angry at them because they load up the
      labs with too many balloons at too high of a price.
      Any good rep
      should have learned from Cordis'
      mistakes. They rushed the NIR
      to market too fast to pay
      for the Schneider deal and it may backfire.

    • All due respect but if you liked the company at
      $70 why wouldn't you love it at $54? I bought
      original shares in the mid 60's and last week I bought
      more at $56. I think this is a tremendous buying
      opportunity for an industry leader. Don't let the weekly
      swings tell you when to buy and sell. Good companys'
      with good products generally bounce back. There was a
      reason the stock reached $80 and I'm sure it will be
      back there in short order. Was is the downside on this
      stock at $54/share? Good luck!

    • please use "were" instead of "where".


    • reason for recall??

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