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  • minharry minharry Sep 28, 1998 4:26 PM Flag

    don't buy BSX yet.

    Time to buy hasn't arrived yet. People bought at
    70s, 60s, or 50s. I understand you. But don't rush to
    buy because BSX's cycle bottom is lower 40s. I think
    I will buy at around maybe $45 or so. Be patient,
    with the current bad news, earnings shortfall, the
    worst is NOT over.

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    • Not BSX, they will need to take large reserves
      against shipments. Not only for NIR on SOX but for more.
      Expect that some will return NIR w/ or w/o. If you were
      the doctor would you take a chance? Any problem w/any
      NIR could lead to malpractice suits. I would return
      everything on my shelf!!!

    • who is coming out with great earnings and October conference?
      BSX or AVEI? Thanks

    • Did someone die under the Nir procedure? Is that
      why BSX is getting out of the stent business? Check
      BSX Message #l267??
      AVEI should rally tomorrow and
      the shorts will have to cover making the stock go to
      $48 or so... before great earnings on the l5th... and
      the medical conference on Oct. 7th.

    • Go gte an MRI. You must have hit you're head very
      hard. The Nir no ranger is exciting to no one. 50%
      market share is a BSX dream that will never be realized.
      The waqllstent and the radius are curiosities that
      the sales force themselves will never push.

    • I couldn't agree with your assessment any more.
      No patient issues?? AMAZING!!!! They wouldn't say
      that if their father was rushed to emergency surgery
      because the thing failed to operate as advertised.

    • 35% marketshare for the Nir-on Ranger??
      Exceedingly well in Europe?? You need to stop listening to
      your Scimed regional manager, and get a real job. THis
      is an investment forum with exchanges on where the
      company is heading, not a sales rep's forum to try to
      convince the investment community that everything is A-OK
      with this product line, when everyone knows it isn't.

    • I would say going to emergency open heart surgery
      after a balloon rupture at low pressure in which the
      stent does not get fully deployed along with arterial
      dissection is harming the patient just a bit. You get your
      facts straight...there are several well known hospitals
      that have pulled the Sox product from their shelves
      after multiple incidents. Here are some facts: Scimed
      reps strongly promoted aggressive primary stenting
      right out of the chute, then when the problems
      surfaced, their CFO blamed it on operator error. Then they
      covered their butts by sending out a doctor letter saying
      they do not encourage primary stenting and always
      recommend pre-dilatation. Now they have ceased
      manufacturing the product but have not pulled it off shelves
      and the problem is still occurring. I call that very
      irresponsible bordering on unethical. I wonder if the FDA would

    • I've heard they won't make it. They may have to
      take reserves for NIRs that have shipped. I know
      someone will say its not needed because its only on SOX
      with issues and its only 1% but...
      expect reserves
      against shipments.

    • Average EPS for Q3 is 0.48. Judging by what I
      hear about sales of the NIR and Radius, BSX will make
      it. (This is the revised estimate from last week of
      course). Share price regained its loss on Thursday. I
      think we have seen it bottom. As I said before I expect
      it to remain in the 45-55 range until positive news
      in Q4 or when the results of Q4 are out.
      with the Schneider deal BSX has gained significant
      patent rights in the US. One of these is the rapid
      exchange balloon catheter(which is a real winner, and
      which has been the main seller in Europe where it
      didn't need the patent rights); I would expect BSX to
      launch a combination of this balloon with the NIR stent
      next year which will mean even more market
      This stock wiil hit 80 again so buy now and hold for 6

    • The Wallstent by Schnieder has just recently been
      approved for coronary use, it has been used for biliary,
      trachichial/bronchial, and peripheral use for many years and has been
      the leading stent in interventional radiology. Just
      trying to add some info from the other spectrum,
      interventional radiolog. No BS here!!!

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