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  • vjleusner vjleusner Nov 3, 1998 4:33 PM Flag


    this stock never really opened after the negatvie
    announcement. It was halted all afternoon. I would expect that
    it will be very erratic trading tomorrow morning. It
    that other people's perception as well?

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    • I was home today and kept checking for news and
      for any new trading. The stock may be trading after
      hours ( anybody know, and if so, what

      I see three negatives coming together at the same
      time: the old news about nir on sox, the delay in
      announcing results about the acquisition, and now the
      accounting problem with Japan results.
      Hell of a pileup
      of bad news all at once, and not much to balance

      But contrarian investors like to take the long view
      and buy stocks that are depressed, temporarily, they
      hope. I understand at least some heads will roll over
      the Japan issue. That ought to make the rest of the
      company shape up some.

      My guess is that it will
      open lower, maybe a good deal lower, and guys like me
      will come in and buy. Over the next week it may go
      lower, but over the next year I see it going back up
      where it was this summer--65 to 80 or so.

    • I expect that it will open $4-6 lower than the
      halt today. I also expect it to rebound but close
      lower than today. Fear will drive this lower, the
      question is how long have the revenue recognition issues
      been going on, is it limited to Japan, how does the
      change impact reported market share etc. BSX hopes to
      have answers to these questions within 2wks which will
      make it a LONG 2wks for the shareholders. I'm waiting
      for the Stock_Detective to signal all clear to BUY.

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