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  • runesigns runesigns Feb 26, 1999 4:08 PM Flag

    Coverage initiated - stock holds it own
    ...Schroeder and Co initiates coverage with perform in-line
    (with expectations).

    ...What is interesting is
    that there has been about 100K+ shares being bought in
    the last minutes of trading the last two days and
    today. Today the stock recovered nicely with good volume
    after sell-offs with low volume. On balance volume
    shows an increase of 600k shares over the last two days
    even though the price is unchanged over that

    ...Definitely looks as though someone is trying to quitely
    accumulate the stock. I don't know Schroeder and Co but it
    is not uncommon for analyst to downplay a stock
    while they accumulate. (Or conversely, to upgrade a
    stock before dumping - look at AMAT over the last

    ...If the overall market can settle down I think we
    will be looking at 30+ soon.

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    • Angiokid, You are on the right track: the
      divisions are "Boston Scientific"...followed by one of the
      following designations
      EP Technologies
      Microvasive Endoscopy
      divisions have been set up as conglomerations of the
      following former companies: Scimed, CVIS, Vesica, Medinol,
      Meadox, Heart Technology, EP Technologies, Medi-Tech,
      Symbiosis, MinTec, Target Therapeutics, and Schneider
      Worldwide. There may be more, but this is my best

    • I am pretty sure that there is no more Scimed, Medi-Tech, or Microvasive. There are now just divisions of Boston Scientific. BSC Cardiology, BSC Vascular, BSC Oncology, and BSC Urology. Go BSX!!!

    • Without lending credibility to the divestiture
      message, the business mechanics of such maneuver would be
      relatively simple. BSX would sell the marketing,
      developmental and manufacturing rights to its urological
      products. As far as the cross functionality of the
      balloons, wires, etc., those are handled by lisencing and
      OEM agreements as part of the subtext of the
      agreement. Boston's own Target Therapeutics is a perfect
      example, they make and/or lisence stuff all over the

    • BSC may want to aquire a new company. If they don't maybe some of you want to invest a few dollars in this comapny. Try MGLN it is small cap but haas BIG potential.

      Good luck!!!!

    • I thought Scimed had nothing to do with uro. or endo. businesses? Am I wrong?

    • Are you sure that you really understand the
      urology business? If BSX were to divest the urology
      division, how would they do it? The core product line in
      the urology line is the balloon platform. Which, by
      the way, are the same balloons that Meditech/Vascular
      uses. Additionally, the line of wires are used accross
      multiple franchises. I can see how BSX could use the cash
      from the sale of a division, but with the exception of
      stone retrieval devices and pelvic floor products, most
      of the urology products or a modified version of
      them are used in other franchises.

    • Boston has realized a diminishing return on
      development in the urology area, especially in the last year.
      They are slowly heading more toward cardiology and
      will be looking to release the Urology portion of the
      business, possibly with Endoscopy to follow, hence cuts at

    • Where did you get this from? Why would Abbott want to buy a $100M urology division? They don't have any urology products themselves do they? This doesn't make sense to me. Please fill me in.

    • Boston Scientific will be selling the urology portion of their business to Abbott, not the whole, just a part.

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