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  • MkR2001 MkR2001 Apr 9, 1999 11:01 AM Flag


    This stock is going nowhere but down since 3/19.
    IMHO it is fairly valued.
    Current price= TOBIN +
    (7 or 8) upgrades + rumors
    if you own this own,
    sell it're sitting on dead money.
    45-50 in
    12 months..Hmmmm. I can double in couple
    BSX is not the stock to own..not even to rent

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    • But bought DELL at 36 on 4/19 and it's now at 43....Thanks for reading my message..

    • the 'secondary stock offering by BSX' to pay down
      their debts. By its definition, a secondary offering
      does not benefit the corporation. I found a Form S3-A
      filed with the SEC on 4/7/99. The selling parties are
      various BSX Capital Trusts (which are NOT BSX, itself).
      The document was too long to fully download to my
      browser so I may have missed something.

      If this
      offering were to benefit BSX directly, I would think there
      would be some press release. The Investor Relations
      section of the BSX web site doesn't even mention

      My question, then, is where is your info from? I
      can't say you're wrong, but I can't verify that you're

      By the way, here's some definitions on stock

      In addition to the IPO and additional issue
      offerings, offerings may be further classified as:

      Primary Offerings: Proceeds go to the issuing
      Secondary Offerings: Proceeds go to a major
      stockholder who is selling all or part of
      his/her equity
      in the corporation.
      Split Offerings: A
      combination of primary and secondary offerings.
      Offering: Under SEC Rule 415 - allows the issuer to sell
      securities over a two year
      period as the funds are


    • Here is MkR2001's message from just 3 days
      ago"Insiders are selling before the earning..Tell me IT is a
      good sign or a bad one. HMMMMMMMM. I sold mine at 40
      couple days ago, took a small loss..Nicholas, Peter, CB
      bought 34,900 shares at 25.74 on 2/26/99..he knew Mr
      Tobin was coming...Since Mr Tobin became CEO..this damn
      stock keeps going lower and lower ... NOW insiders are
      selling...They must know something we don't..won't take any
      chance.....Good luck all "I guess taking a loss at 40 wasn't such
      a good idea.

    • I've been saying this for weeks, that the
      downturn was a "blip" and that the earnings compounded by
      the forthcoming approval on the new stent in May will
      get this baby riding again.

      Hope that the day
      gets it more up into the early morning
      frenzy came out from all of the naysayers who were
      finally enlightened.

      Congrads to all who dove in
      at $35 last week!

    • In addition to what I posted earlier, JP Morgan
      raised to buy and Schroder raised to Outperform. (Gee,
      Schroder what does it take to make you guys a believer.
      Probably one of those analysts who tells their customers
      to buy AFTER the stock already signicantly
      appreciates. Congrats to everybody and to anyone who bought in
      new the other day at $34 or bought more at the time.

    • I think you are right about the analysts. It
      seems only a short time ago that the analytical
      community was falling all over itself to downgrade this
      stock. Now these guys will go into a frenzy to upgrade.
      If you were to judge by the analysts opinions you
      wouldn't think that this was the same company. What a
      difference a few months makes.

      I certainly hope we
      see $50+ very soon.


    • at just under 42, today is going to be great!!!!!!!! must ahve been system overload.

    • imbalance of orders, opening indication will be 42 1/2 according to schwab!

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