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  • JohnDaniels98 JohnDaniels98 Jun 25, 1999 11:06 AM Flag

    Best Boston Interventional Cardioligist

    Hey Everyone-

    I need some help in tracking
    down who the best Boston based Interventional
    Cardiologists are in terms of doing balloon/stent procedures in
    "tortuous anatomy". This is for a family member of mine who
    has a somewhat unique way in which her artery
    branches from her heart. The first attempt to repair the
    vessel failed even after the doctor used five or six
    different GuideCaths to try to access the lesion.

    Any suggestions of who may be up to the

    Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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    • only within a specified time frame/ window.

      Possibly at these opportune times the share price has been
      in the high 30's or low 40's.If one analyses the
      share prices during the times that the SEC allows
      Company Insiders to sell without being accused of Insider
      Trading then you will notice that they obtain/realise
      prices lower than you or I ... or regular investors
      I have gone thru' the last 12 months of trading and
      this is the conclusion that I have made.
      Hold on
      BSX will be back to 45-50 levels by end Sept - 3rd
      week Oct'99 ----- Great 3rd Quarter even without the
      The NIR Primo is gaining share .... an increase of
      > 5 share points this quarter, and if the NIR With
      SOX gets approved you and I will get to $60... not a
      long dream , wait and see!

    • as to why the insiders are selling the stock at
      high 30's to low 40's. Is the CFO planning on leaving
      soon? or he thinks that based on what he knows, 35-45
      range is the best the company can do... Please provide
      some info if you know.


    • I bought 30 puts when the stock was in the 44-46
      range. If the stock went to 60, I would have bought
      more. Fact of the matter is, I'm not covering yet. The
      Chairman sold a chunk in June, and he can't buy more
      common until Dec. (Short-swing profit rule) If the
      Chairman can't see himself getting a better price than
      this until Dec., who am I to argue? More importantly,
      who are these !@#$%^&* to argue with the Chairman?
      See you at 23 and change, Oschism.

    • Here another brilliant idea, keep shorting above $30. We will see about a month from now. I wouldn't be talking after one day buddy. Apparently you are a rookie at this game.

    • ...and all in one day,einstein. Any other brilliant ideas?

    • I'm sure glad that you are not managing my money.

      This is the opportunity of the year. An easy double in 12 months with a company that is well positioned.

      Go Jim go!

    • This is a classic opportunity for a much smaler
      competitior (SPNC) to capture marketshare on the back of
      BSX's recall. If SPNC can take 20% of BSX's Rotablators
      sales, it will double the size of SPNC, which is already

      Take a look for yourself.

    • If you want to make back some of the money you
      lost on this one, short it here at $30 and cover at
      $24-26. It will get there, believe me. I've seen this
      before and it never makes a "QUICK" recovery. Watch it
      flounder for 6 months!

    • Guv. I just purchased more Bii (BCTBF) in the US
      markets the price is up to $2-. I have been Averaging UP!
      Start @ 1.50. I still own a little BSX MDT GDT ABT And
      JNJ. I really feel that when the results are announced
      in Nov. at the AHA this Stock will really

      Good luck Amy

    • Sorry, no cell phone or laptop accompanies me to
      the beach. A surfboard and a wetsuit and a beach
      towel are the accessories of my choice. As regards your
      kind wager of bubbly: so if CTSI is gone in a month or
      so I owe you some vintage Krug and if no deal
      happens for six months you owe me? That would certainly
      make any CTSI deals more interesting though I do have
      a little stock in the company. I wish that I had
      not sold any of when it started to move at the end of
      the last year.As to the suitors: If it is BSC, it is
      the devil Ferrari knows already but any deal with BSC
      will probably have to happen next year or later
      because of debt loading and the other more distracting
      problems. So, my guess is that a nearer term deal would be
      some other company. You probably have a better idea
      about the other companies than I do.But Ferrari has
      worked so hard I and has been so successful, I just
      can't imagine that he would sell CTSI before it starts
      to make money. The story of CTSI is truly amazing.
      Ferrari did not leave CVIS until the end of '95 so CTSI
      is not very much older than that I think. What a
      great track record Ferrari has. This man is not working
      for just the money. Otherwise he could live on the
      money he made on CVIS and the other deals.

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