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  • veramax veramax Nov 22, 1999 3:35 AM Flag

    BII on Abbotts' messageboard

    I bought 5000 shares BII 2 years ago, just before
    the rise and sharp drop caused by BSX and JNJ
    discussions with BII. I am happy to see that Abbott is now
    pushing the shares of this company with excellent and
    high potential products up. And don't underestimate
    the other productlines (Eyecare!!!).I believe it's
    time to leave BSX messageboard talking about BII and
    go to Abbotts'.
    BSX is not worth the good news on

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    • what is her web site?

    • If you check out, you will see why.
      Hundreds of thousands visitors and thousands of followers
      that buy on her command have to influence the price as
      well as volume. Did you see what she did with GERN &
      ZIXI this week? She runs 90% right on her selections.
      The best thing that could happen to us was to get
      Riceen to hype BSX. She will take it to her target in
      less than a month. She was written up in Kiplinger's a
      few months ago. She was called a Guru.

    • the volume is high because a broker is about to upgrade and he's told his buddies before he announces it

    • High trading volume today and stock is up. Anyone know why?

    • I didn't state EP was posting a profit. I said
      EPT needs to be profitable. As for EPT
      moving to
      Target, that isn't so. Only the IVUS
      group is moving.
      EPT will remain intact at its current San Jose

    • Where did you hear that the EPT division was
      posting a profit? Not that I know of - most of the
      employees were relocated to the Target division just this
      past week. Maybe this is an indication that cost
      cutting IS FINALLY happening in San Jose!

      hope the stock rises soon!

    • BSX successfully fulfilled their recall task
      continue its highly-profitable production lines, and
      aggressively work with FDA for some new products approval for
      the well-demanding
      market. Both BSX management and
      its employees are confidence in the coming
      BSX is going up! BSX will move up to all time higher
      before the next quater report!
      As I mentioned three
      months ago, anything below 22 is great buying
      opportunity, we will see 30 soon.

      Buy and hold, we will
      have a very merry Christmas, period.

    • In responce to your question to the GUV, allow my
      2 cents worth. IMO,,,

      JNJ? - Bad Blood,
      BSX? - Restricted by medinol
      GDT? - Not Invented
      here policy
      MDT? - Just Bought AVE

      I believe
      that Bii was in discussion with Bard, then AVE so I am
      a little surprised that MDT did not get involved
      with them, IMO they were stretched a little thin with
      the AVE pruchase.

      I can also add that this
      company was initially run by Alistair Taylor and for
      whatever reason, he was not viewed very highly by the
      other big whigs of the above companies. I have worked
      with all of the above (including BII) on various
      devices and got very negative vibes about how Bii was run
      when they initlaly started (96). Alistair was
      postioning Bii to have a full product line and to "dominate
      the market" because of PC coating. He pissed off J&J
      because they thought they were negotiating for
      exclusivity and Alistair kind of stabed them in the back when
      it became apparent that he would not give this up.
      Unforntunately, the resource required and time required to get
      products to market were grossly underestimated and as a
      result, Bii almost went belly up prior to ever having
      anything to sell. At one time, Bii had a sales force of 8
      to 10 in the US with NOTHING to sell. When Bii
      bought Atlantis, they fired the US sales force and
      really looked foolish as a result. Shortly after that,
      Alistair resigned (or was forced out)and I believe
      virtually all management he hired has been

      Consequnetly, within the inner circles of IC there are a lot of
      negatives associated with Bii and their ability to

      My question about Abbott is, will this be a case of
      the blind leading the blind, does Abbott have the
      resources and do they realize the nut they will have to
      crack to get into this market.

      If Bii continues
      to show good results and if they get Drug Delivery
      first it will help. The most important issue is for Bii
      to produce volumes of product, very high quality,
      with no boo-boo's.

      I am happy with the recent
      increase in stock price (3.5x) and I sincerely believe
      that PC coating will have an impact on the US market.
      I would have been more comfortable if their
      distributiion partner was not a newcomer.

    • agree but once they incrs effic then theyneed new prod to incrs sale lot of bargain out there

    • I concur with BSX badly needing a win in the AFib
      market place however, they have not bet the ranch
      through the application of existing catheter technology
      as a viable solutiuon for AF. EPT does have a
      superior generator and an array of catheter technology
      products that are being used as a foundation for
      developing an effective AF solution.

      As for Mr.
      Tobin needing EPT to be profitable,that's a given. All
      BSX divisions need to post profits to ensure steady
      growth is achieved as a corporation. Margins can be
      improved by implementing operational efficiencies at all
      levels of the corporation.

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