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  • Bear?.....Bear?....Where are you?.....

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    • HAHAHA! :)

    • Why would anybody buy this dog.
      stents....recalls....FBI investigations....a product pipeline the size of
      my baby finger....engineers that do nothing...most
      sales reps interviewing elsewhere...nothing left of
      Heart Technology and Schneider....a lousy attitude and
      on top of it all, NOBODY LIKES YOU GUYS
      my last
      post unless somebody says something ridiculous

    • case of gas.

    • I doubt if JNJ can justify getting in the
      extremely competitive stent market with leaders like MDT
      and GDT and a host of other smaller knockoffs. I
      don't see where stents alone would motivate

      Does BSX have another major product line?

      are my opinions only not those of BSX or JNJ or
      others mentions. I am long BSX around current levels.

    • I forgot to mention that at JNJ's current price,
      JNJ's stock is 7.37 times sales and 14.33 times EBITDA.
      So even though JNJ can't use "funny money" like alot
      of new economy stocks can, buying revenues at a 5.73
      multiple with a stock selling at a 7.37 multiple isn't
      such a bad way to grow and is certainly alot easier
      than starting from scratch.

      Good management
      can improve the bottom line performance considerably.
      I think JNJ should buy.

    • Excellent comments and input guys that's what I
      like to see.

      Last year JNJ did 27.47 billion
      in annual revenue, BSX did 2.84 in a mediocre year.
      That would add 10.3 percent to JNJ's

      At $40/share BSX's price would be 16.26 billion.
      5.73 X Sales and 20.8 X EBITDA.

      JNJ currently
      has a .26 Debt to Equity ratio. Given that
      approximately 4.23 billion would be raised by debt ( long term
      debt can still be secured at comparatively attractive
      rate these days) and the other 12 billion would come
      from stock and cash. Combining the cash of the two
      companies we are at almost 4 billion. Not that I am
      suggesting that they blow through the cash but it helps in
      securing debt financing. JNJ also knows that if, and
      that's a big if, they can take control of the operations
      that they can improve the bottom line performance of

      Now getting to technicals. Yes BSX is forming a nice
      base and is winding herself up like a spring. I would
      call this range compression and when she finally
      breaks out she's going to run some. She could breakout
      either up or down but I would suggest that she is going
      to go up. Maybe next Wednesday we'll all have
      something more emotionally up lifting to talk about!

    • Just bought after following for several months.
      MOney flow has dramatically diverged on the upside
      indicating strong accumulation. Not a perfect indicator but
      generally 75% predictive.
      When coupled with the long
      basing in the 18 - 22 range, it looks doubly good.
      Proquest has 80% probable higher stock price in 2 months.

      Shorts seem to control this board, but I'm used to it.
      We've seen about 30 shorts come and go at the TTN site.
      All the way from 5 to 50. Not looking for BSX to
      lhave such as move, but am looking for 50 - 100% over
      the next 12 - 15 months.

    • For JNJ to buy out BSX, the company would have to
      utilize its stock to seal the deal. JNJ's stock price has
      dropped from 106.875 to 76 in the last 4 months. With JNJ
      presently at 71% of its high, any takeover becomes much
      more expensive. The JNJ management team will overpay
      for a company but only if they believe their own JNJ
      stock is highly priced relative to the company they
      wish to acquire. JNJ won't takeover anyone the size of
      BSX until JNJ's stock is again above roughly 103.

    • <EOM>

    • Please everyone. Let's not be saying anything
      negative in your posts. I'm concerned that Ralph Larsen or
      Robert Wilson of JNJ might decide to read your posts and
      decide that they aren't going to buy the company after

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