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  • tengo3hijos tengo3hijos Apr 22, 2001 5:18 PM Flag

    Fed poised to raise rates again!!!

    Fed poised to raise rates again according to Yahoo...that with energy prices out the roof can ONLY mean inflation. I don't see how they can avoid it now...

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    • are close. However, the Fed has decided to try and inflate to avoid a depression. They have chosen this path and will not raise rates. The fed will cut rates. HOwever, you are not totally wrong! The currency should collapse and then the fed will have no choice but to try and raise rates to attract capital to the bond market..It could make for hell! However, by the time this happens we should have inflation that will make us all shake. I would keep on buying a few eagles, rands and gold stocks..and when it does happen you should be sitting pretty. Good Luck