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  • luckymazel luckymazel Mar 12, 2004 1:17 PM Flag

    love affair

    I have held Look since the IPO. I have been accumulating shares all along the way. I even own some at 30. I am not a novice, and certainly know that it is not wise to fall in love with a stock, but I have fallen into that trap anyway. I used to post along with many of the initial investors, but as this board became increasingly abusive I lost interest in posting. I have done much better in my other investments, but have held this puppy in spite of it's roller coaster ride. I have been checking from time to time to see if any of my old friends ever post. If any of them see this post, hopefully they will say hello. I still hold Looksmart with an average price of 10 dollars from over the inception of approximately August of 1999.
    Now more then ever I believe in it's future. Someone will eventually grab this survivor. There is a looming battle for search and content. Look has positioned itself well for a piece of the action. Since Microsoft is coming back it shows they are in need of Look's content. Again hello to my old posting friends if you are peering in. Lucky

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    • Hi Lucky,

      I remember you from the early days. I stopped posting several months ago when I sold the last of my shares and moved on to other things. I too found the board way too abusive and of little interest, however I do pop in occasionally just for a laugh.

      I have to say that LOOK did very well for me....since IPO to my last sales I was fortunate enough to take just over $970k off the table in profits. Not a bad little earner for me...:)

      I am no longer in LOOK...but still retain an interest in what is happening. I think this company is a survivor and will ultimately do well....but is unlikely to become one of the big players.

      I wish you well in your trading activities. Hold for a while yet....and I think you will see some improvement given enough time.

      All the best,


    • I'll buy some of your $30 shares for $1.85.

    • I am not new nor as old as you not in age by the way LOL...

      I think your post is honest and cool. I would be more than happy to be your friend though =)

      I hold from 4 all the way to 2 which is not bad... I have about 10,000 shares and I too know and feel LOOK will be back up to those numbers again in the mid to long term...

    • You are smarter than most investors. Good luck to you.

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