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  • smartfeedback smartfeedback Aug 1, 2004 12:50 PM Flag

    MSFT to spend $5B on search

    The one or two long lepers on this board whose multiple aliases and minimal minds drag it down don't like to be reminded about MSFT.

    MSFT carried the lardass LOOK for a long time.

    MSFT is now unleashing the Dogs of War on search.

    $5 billion it has earmarked to give GOOG a whuppin'.

    LOOK will not survive this price war, it will be forced to match deep price cuts and will get thumped as a result.

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    • Agreed, LOOK just don't have the resources to compete with MSFT (or YHOO or GOOG). They have to differentiate themselves to have any chance at all.

      The one trump card however, is distributed search. LOOK's plans for Grub and the eventual full integration with Wisenut (and perhaps other search engines as well) needs to move along swiftly.

      Reading the forums at, it does sound as though they are working on some fairly exciting stuff ... and they really do need to revive Wisenut.

      Time will tell.

    • There are others on this post who served in Viet nam including myself and there others who are a dovoted group of longs on this post who care about LOOK and want to see her do well and we also know of her problems.. Now that that is out of the way you mentioned earlier in one of your posts, that the longs have no basis on their positions, If you look back tru the posts you will find them.Everyon has their own reasons. I have my own . I got back in before earnings. I'm in again with LOOK and the charts are better then they were for a rise up some. We all know google will post high numbers and It might also help LOOK rise some more and whenever she starts heading south again I'll keep a closer eye on her. Then again she could blast off. Good Luck:-)

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