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  • a_casablanca a_casablanca Nov 19, 1999 9:49 AM Flag

    DONZOAB everybody knows

    With your insight, I will run out and buy another
    250,000 shares. Who the hell is US Bancorp/PiperJafree?
    US Bank was formally out of Portland Oregon, and
    Piper Jafree out of Minneapolis. Does anybody really
    care what goes on or comes from those 2 cities? I am
    glad you have gut feelings about things. If I knew
    when we all would see a new 52 week high for Look, do
    you think I should tell you. Can you possibly tell me
    what you were smoking when you posted your words of
    wisdom. Thank God I am not an American Citizen, nor a
    brain doctor. I would be doing lobotomies all day.

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    • look at your spelling. It's attrocious. You must
      be from a foreign country, perhaps Croatia or
      Albania. I can understand that. I have been to San Jose.
      Quite armpit. Have been to Russia, and
      no..they will not shoot someone willing to offer them aid.
      Same in Israel. There right now waiting for the Pope
      to visit. I would not make fun of German Beer. IT IS

    • You're nothing but a two-bit liar. Nobody on this
      board wants to hear your ridiculous stories. After
      reading several posts that you have written, it is quite
      obvious that you are NOT a foreigner. It would be nearly
      impossible for a person who hasn't lived in the USA to point
      out obscure details of Americana, let alone be able
      to get your point across in a language that is not
      your native tongue. FU redbear358!

      • 1 Reply to lytton_springs
      • Do you think that I am stupid, never travelled
        anywhere in my life? Never been to the states, or it's
        environs. All you Americans must think that we Europeans
        are fools or worse. Not true. I studied about America
        and have travelled to the USA hundreds of times. Have
        you ever travelled to Europe? Germany, France, Spain,
        or the Middle East? It is absolutely incredible to
        read your responses and make sense out of them. You my
        friend are the fool. An idiot would be too kind a term.

        Every European youngster studies at least 2 languagues
        other than his or her own. English is the number one
        language that everyone studies. Travel then to the USA
        almost becomes a rite of passion. Idiots like you
        probably have never been 50 miles from where you were
        born. I listen tothe new quiz shows on overnight cable.
        On one past show a man was asked where Tripoli was
        and this moron didn't know. Do you know where Tripoli
        is as mentioned in the USA MArines hymn song?
        Perhaps you should look that up in Looksmart for the

        I have personally lived in Florida, New
        York, and San Francisco, Cal. all on extended work and
        study programs. Isn't Lytton Springs in Missouri?
        Perhaps that explains your response.

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