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  • mentges mentges Dec 20, 1999 1:19 PM Flag

    Redbear - takeover value?

    Redbear, if LOOK were to be taken over by Time-Warner, BT, or someone else, what would be a fair takeover value?

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    • Hard to predict as any number over the present
      value would be an appropriate buy out. I first
      estimated that the price would be in the 75 to 85 range. At
      75, the value of the buyout would be around 6.3
      Billion. The real question here is what is Look really

      Let's look at the market and marketplace. Look cannot
      be compared to Yahoo, Goto, Asj etc, simply because
      those stocks primarily deal with the US market. It
      apprears that Look is concentrating on the Pacific Rim
      thus when we look at potential markets we are looking
      at potential viewers that run in the hundreds of
      millions. At 75, the management of this company would
      literally give the company away. Think of what Look really
      is. Look is a search engine that attracts individuals
      to its numerous web pages. These hundreds of
      potential millions are all buyers of something. Eventually,
      their eyes will reach their pocketbooks regardless of
      the size of their wallets and buy something. All of
      this generates revenue. Looksmart will greatly benefit
      from this generation. Based on this analysis, the
      buyout could well be in the 300$ plus range.

      one really knows that value of any of these Internet
      companies. Is Yahoo really worth $ 350? Do their earnings
      warrant such a price? What about Amazon? No earnings, yet
      a very decent stock price. We are all in uncharted
      territory. No one really knows the value of these stocks.
      It's easy with a known company like a car or closthing
      firm. Easy to calculate the number of this or
      production of that, in a search engine however, we are all
      betting on the come. We are all goldminers in the
      Klondike of 1899, we know that there is gold out there,
      but we are not quite sure exactly where it is
      located. For the day to day traders, Look may well test
      its lows around 25, before it travels upwards. Anyone
      going short here should only day trade this stock, and
      then for a few minutes at a time. Once word gets out
      that Look is the stock to buy and hold, we will see 45
      in a heartbeat. The float is small, and not a lot of
      activity is out there. A good time to acquire more, sit
      back, and enjoy some Steinhagen Gin for the holidays.

    • I bought Look at 17 5/8 and am LONG....
      I have
      not written any messages in a long while, but the
      time is now.
      The reason we are declining in the
      is in part the front page SUCKS ....let's
      be is plain looks the same today as it
      did last week and next week....

      I have
      written Mr. Evan Thornley on 2 occasions and suggested
      simple improvements
      without as much as a simple
      response or thank you. The front page is BORING and
      doesn't have anything to bring the reader back on a
      consistant basis....
      now once you get past the front
      page..their site is as good or better than most sites out
      there... BUT.. with a boring site... people want a site
      that is exciting , interactive, one that has
      LIFE.......not some dead plain jane boring

      I'm still long on this stock , BUT getting alittle
      tried of seeing the same BORING front page day after
      day...after day........hopefully they will hire someone with
      alittle spirit to change out the old clothes on the same
      old mannequin we have seen in the front store window
      for months...... the termites are even tired of
      chewing on it any longer........BOW WOW!!!....

      P.S. write to them and express your concerns too...

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