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  • mentges mentges Apr 3, 2000 5:02 PM Flag

    More thoughts on a down day . . .

    One nice thing about being an "old fart" at 51,
    is that I've been through it all since 1976. In the
    word's of Dustin Hoffman in Wag the Dog, THIS IS
    NOTHING! I rode Merck down from 60 to 29 and then back to
    130, I rode Sybase down from 21 to 5 7/8 and then back
    to 30. I could go on . . . The question one always
    has to ask, is: "Has anything changed with this stock
    since I bought it?" Have they made any negative
    announcements? Any positive announcements?

    I'm not too
    concerned about getting pulled down in the Microsoft panic
    selling. One of the bashers mentioned we could "go down 20
    in one day." Yes, and so few shares are really
    outstanding that we could go up $20 in one day too. Wait
    until some big buys come in during the Olympics - see
    who will sell. . . not me.

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