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  • kiksbutt kiksbutt Aug 7, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    Why are "investors" dumber these days?

    Please, tell me? How can people chase stocks that increase 1000% thinking it will go up more? Do people open books and read? I'm flabbergasted. Smart money bought this at $1-$2 range. Downside was minimal.

    Open a balance sheet and income statement on this company. There's a good reason why it crashed from $20s to $1. All these companies are in the business to make money - that's why you invest. However, this company has been bleeding red since 2010. All the products, including the most recent FDA approved machine, have been on the market since 2011 in EU and Asia. Bottom line? No one is buying and their YoY revenues have been on a steady decline. No one wants expensive machinery with expert knowledge in this economy. Obamacare won't cover it; hell' we're trying to cut costs and reduce overhead not increase it.

    This company can't even maintain 50 million in assets and revenues to stay on Nasdaq - this take effect in September. They only have 8 million left in the bank. That's enough to run through the end of the year. Their debt is over 35 million and increasing. They hired sales force that's not producing anything. More overhead expenses. They have to market this new product in USA which can easily top 20 million. You need a full sales team in states as well, cutting more into their pockets. Yet, they can't make any profit.

    Follow the trend. The only reason it went up 1. No short shares available, very small. 2. Small float. You need couple of hundred grand to manipulate this garbage. Thats what a HF did. If you take the real valuation, with the FDA approval, this company is worth about $2-$3. Open a book and stop buying on hype. Read a chart. It was in $1 range all of July. They make 10 million a year and dumb retail is giving them 80 million valuation. On what? Dying technology thats been in use since 2011? This will fluctuate, but it will come back to earth at $3

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    • I agree, but these low float ,penny stocks are now completely about hf's ,hft , and the madness of crowds...........look at the tulip bulb valuation maia of the 1300's or whenever it was....this is nothing new, except the crowds are bigger and greedier, I don't know about less educated,.....probably.....

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