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  • fwu26 fwu26 Sep 16, 2009 11:59 AM Flag

    Bought LTON for my Roth IRA

    Wow - I already accumulated 30,000 shares for my Roth IRA account! I don’t know why I am not worry about the recent drop and kind of exciting about the “sale” sign.

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    • good move, i hope were safe 20% below cash even being at 2$ seems a little odd.

      But, like Hray some of us here(like Usa) bought at ridiculously low prices a 1.10-1.20 and ended up selling out at 3.60-3.95.

      Insiders have no direct holdings and there surely is a lot of cash.

      I got a few stock friends (big money)into
      Hray at 2.20 or so on the way to the buyout. They've been long the market and are looking to grab some serious shares here.

      Not saying they will, but they got more dough then I got and if they do. You would be surprised with who is walking around with 500,000, 800,000 in their 401k's and loading up on 2$ stocks.

      YUP, USA if your out there I'm with you man, bought 10,000-15,000 more last 3 days.

      Hoping to catch another 10,000 under $2. My cost average is very decent if we can hold the line here.

      I won't sell cause it looks to obvious thats what their trying to get holders to do.

      Pathetic little game.

      Bringing those Balls of Steel back into the game.


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      • I used stock screener to find stocks trading below cash value and is profitable. I think LTON is the only one out there that fits my criteria now.

        I know some peoples are concerning about fraud because it’s a Chinese company. I just want to point out that if someone committed a white collar crime in China he can get up to capital punishment. Furthermore, most of the board members are educated in the U.S. and I wil trust their ethic.

        I will add more to my position once I sold brk-a and slv.