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  • jpnmqrtn jpnmqrtn Mar 19, 2010 7:50 PM Flag

    WTF is This..oh by the way

    Funded from internal cash flows?

    revenues 35 million usd 2.7 million profit

    I am beginning to think these guys are hiding cash and profits anywhere and any place they can.

    not sure when this hit the MNCN I guess. Wow this seems odd not a mention yesterday...I think we pop huge very soon.

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    • Actually being careful with my choices at the moment. I am not satisfied with the pullbacks we have had and when we actually get a big one it could be a major one.

      I think fall election time will be atest for the faithful.

      I really don't want to be caught in the big swoon.

      Lton and the cash is ok with me for now. It defies logic being discounted as it is but I guess I am betting they aren't as bad as it trades.

    • SGD9.75/1.40(exchange rate) = 6.96M USD, 50% belongs to LTON, that means we need to pay out 3.48M and will get net income of 1.35M (2.7M x 50%), it Sounds pretty good deal.

      Let's calculate the cash per share after all these "acquisitions"

      4Q2009 1Q2010
      cash 79.47 73.43 (-3.48M Innoform & -2.56M Letang)
      investment 19.7 19.7
      AR 12.5 8.75 (30% Write Off)
      Loan Receivable 10 Became GLD Investments (I hope its as good as gold)

      Total Cash 121.67 101.88
      Total Liabilities (11.5) (11.5)
      Net Cash 110.17 90.38

      Cash Per Share 2.62 2.15

      Cash per share will definitely decreased, If the remainder of the 6.59M Letang deals kicks in. Lton's cash per share will down to around $2. Are these good deals? cash flow justify these deals...

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      • The cash flows may not justify existing cash expenses but will the push of MNCN content through Linktone channels justify future potential.

        It is really(for once) pretty close to what they said they were going to do.

        I did not understand what they meant by the purchase is coming out of current cash flows? What does that mean?

        Usually, M&A cash comes off the balance sheet as cash directly. Sounds like they are trying to say free cash flow but earnings up to now doesn't suggest we have that kind of FCF or do we? Plus the deal has closed. so WTF.
        Can they muddy the waters anymore then we got now? I think this might be a positive but the way they cobble things together surely makes one wonder?

        Which is exactly their MO and for what odd purpose? Most entities zealously promote their equities why are these guys so busy in making everyone wonder? This is by design. The same people are running the show at Bhakti and MNCN read their letters to investors on integrity, visibility and commitment to financial accounting standards and ethical behavior.

        So they know what it is at BHIT and MNCN but at LTON they play differently...interesting. I think they want a much larger stake in LTON on the cheap. Once they buy more of LTON then all these other assets end up right back over into MNCN. The issue becomes how many dumb sellers can they find. Just my thoughts.

      • damn, my post's format is pretty bad. I wish yahoo can let me insert excel files…