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  • usawarbound usawarbound Mar 25, 2010 8:05 PM Flag

    Been adding 1.71


    Bastard mm's can forget about sucking shares. Sticking with the plan for 2010 banner LTON year. Have guard up watching daily though I admit. Will buy more likely next or week after. My plan goes to shit if the books are cooked. My plan works well if the books are straight. E & Y , although they have had bad issues, should be walking on eggshells and fly stright themselves auditing LTON. Another bad press for them would be the last straw. As far as GLD or whatever it is...Harry can shove it up his ass. I don't care to know anymore...only want what is left to be straight and for the jerk to stop playing that siphoning game. He needs to deal with the fact he over paid at 3.80 for LTOn at the time. Pisshead surely could have waited and had more than 50% stock instead. Not his fault...just a value error at the time. If it had gone the other way and lton held $4-5/share ground afterwards, he would not be so upset. Still a jerk that needs to own up to his money being tied up at 3.80ish and move on awithout screwing others (us).

    No mention of MLB in the earnings release....I still can't figure that out unless they are on the virge of losing the damn contract already and thus no mention in the release. Could Harry have screwed that deal up this quickly? I sure hope not.

    GL all. still there bud?

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