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  • usawarbound usawarbound Oct 31, 2012 11:18 PM Flag

    16,500 Share volume today?


    The last time LTON (Linktone) traded that low of an intra day volume was????...ummm???...hmmm???
    Exactly! It has been awhile. What does this mean? Well...subjectively I believe it implies the buyer, lately, took a day off. It appears this buyer wakes up after noon anyway...kind of let's the morning begin before jumping in or due to time zones, arrives to the intra day party on time....his/her time that is.

    So be it. Will our mystery buyer return tomorrow? Friday? Will Lton creep back to $2.00 range before earnings release? Will earnings reveal an substantial gain from affiliate investments? Lol...that last question was silly...I

    I tend to believe that by Friday's session end we will have a clear signal for all of the above ???. Hmmm...maybe even tomorrow's session end will reveal an indication of Friday's trading and perhaps QTR release results.

    GL all. 16,500 volume today...too;)

    Lol...nice equity to hold here lately....1-2-3 years ago maybe not true. Oct/2012? Yes...nice to GL & Peace!

    Sentiment: Hold

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