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  • usawarbound usawarbound Dec 11, 2012 9:36 PM Flag

    Bhakti Investama Tbk. (BHIT.JK) 600.00 0.00(0.00%) 4:00AM EST


    Jeesh does Hary rock or what?

    Global Mediacom Tbk. (BMTR.JK)-Jakarta
    2,600.00 0.00(0.00%) 4:00AM EST

    Media Nusantara Citra Tbk. (MNCN.JK)-Jakarta
    2,725.00 0.00(0.00%) 4:00AM EST

    Forget MSKY at this point. I do not think lton owns any shares of them. Would be fine with me if we did though!. Is there any example of any investment Hary has used LTON'S cash reserves for that HAS NOT MADE MONEY FOR LTON SHAREHOLDERS? Anybody? One teeny weeny example of Hary using LTON cash & equivalents...anytime over the last 3-4-5 years....that resulted in losing money? Anybody?

    JP I know, I know...likely it is just you and I left here and you will not offer anything to my challenge because we are of the same belief lately with Hary:) What a good job he has done! I (and also you) can list dozens of NYSE/NAZ stocks that are either BK or almost BK...China adr's especially. LTON fairs well until this day so far. Why? Hary as far as I am concerned. Hopefully you support that opinion as well.
    This whole long holding could have gone so very bad relative to other Chinese ADR's:(:(:( far do you think this Indo run will go? year end? jan end? This is some run and us LTON holders are making money almost every single day...including Mon Tues of this week! I am ok with that, lol.

    GO HARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are de man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama won this time (and I voted for him:) but maybe you can run next time? You will get my vote! Also my wife's!!!! She is happy/content with your business abilities as well:):):)

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