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  • dmxistheshit dmxistheshit May 19, 2005 10:29 AM Flag


    So, what's the reason for the little run-up the past few days? Someone trying to make a quick buck? or is something gonna finally come out? Any guesses?

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    • They have to say something eventually. I spoke to a value fund manager a few days ago who said he bought last week when other funds were dumping. The selling seems to have subsided a bit. Maybe the bargain hunters aren't facing a flood of shares and are having to bid up a bit.

      Anyone seen the short interest data settled as of May 15?

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      • I believe the short interest data will be out next Wednesday, i'm kind of wondering how that's gonna come in.

        Eventually they do have to say something, but it needs to be sooner rather than later, definately before a delisting though. The selling does seem to have subsided the past few days, but i'm worried about the lack of volume in the run up. Volume has been very anemic, especially with today's jump, and without volume i'm afraid it's gonna fall on it's face. But them again, i'm stuck in here at $4/share so i'm just waiting for the next kick in the balls.