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  • alpha_doggie_style alpha_doggie_style Jan 24, 2007 3:12 PM Flag

    time for national health insurance?


    When working professionals cannot afford insurance or drop their insurance something is up.

    Who do these uninsureds turn to? Public health care providers...paid for by our tax dollars.

    So we pay higher rates AND higher taxes.

    I say put companies like WLP out of the for profit insurance business and bring in national health.

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    • Wellpoint must generate earnings increases of 15% year over year or there will be hell to pay on Wall Street. This combined with rising costs is what makes the present system unsustainable in the long run. However, I still consider this a "buy" because they WILL meet or exceed their earnings goals through a combination of squeezing the providers, increased layoffs for their employees, and of course, higher premiums for the policy holders with fewer covered benefits.

      I know the insurance industry likes to blame the providers, but the providers are the ones who provide care. They are the irreplacable piece. If anyone should be paid well it is them. The other players are all leaches.

      Insurance raises providers incomes as well, because the payments are somewhat guaranteed. Would you go to the doctor as frequently if you had to pay cash? For most people, I'd bet against it. The docs would have to lower prices to maintain their practices. Their accounts receivables would balloon, and accounts receivables are no substitute for cash. Insurance removes such market forces from the industry.

    • and you'll be the first one whining when you're put on a 2 year waiting list for a surgical procedure or diagnostic test after the government takes over and starts delivering health care through a bean-blower like Canada. and don't forget the unofficial euthanasia of patients deemed to be hopeless cases (like in Holland).

    • You evidently do not know anyone in Canada or you do not know how to read.

    • Why ask about �insurance� and not health care?

      The main reason that insurance is expensive is the high cost of health care. If health care were not expensive, health insurance would not be expensive. If the cost of health care were not rising, insurance premiums would not be rising. As long as health care is expensive, health insurance will be expensive. No government or private program can change these facts.

      High insurance premium is the symptom of disease and the disease is the high cost of care. It makes no sense to spend so much time fussing over the symptom and ignoring the disease. You would not want your doctor doing that.

      If the U.S. enacted a national insurance plan without first figuring out how to control health care costs, the cost of health care will remain high, and continue to spiral upward. And so will insurance - regardless whether it is provided by private companies or the government. Throwing public money into the present health care system would only feed a system that has shown no inclination or ability to control its own spending. I think that would be very unwise.

      Oh, sure, "premiums" wouldn't go up - but taxes surely would, because the money to pay for higher health care costs has to come from somewhere. Every taxpayer would be paying more for what we already have.

      I think national health insurance is a solution in search of a problem. Unfortunately, it won't solve the problem we actually have. Worse, we are in denial as a nation about what the problem is. The problem is the high cost of health care.

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      • Spoken like a true lemming of the insurance industry. Blame the providers. I work for a very large hospital complex and trying to get thru all the red tape, the timely filings, the contract disputes, the no auth denials, etc, etc, etc. if we get thru all that and mange to receive 54% of what we actually billed as well as take care of all the uninsured, destitute, homeless, people who come out of network, very little reimbursment from Medicare, then you could blame healthcare costs. I used to work for this god forsaken company and believe me they are not hurting for anything, they pay over inflated salaries to less then qualified individuals or send their work overseas where I am left to try to commnicate with somweone who can barely speak english and its our fault Healthcare is so high. Get over yourself and come live in the real world.

      • FEMBUP: Very well said.

        "The problem is the high cost of health care. "

        Of course, the problem is HOW to contain and, even, reduce the HIGH COST of health care.

        Everyone is "for profit". Not just the insurance companies but the makers of the syringes, the exam tables, the x-rays, the drugs, the R&D, the offices, the malpractice insurance, and all including a little left over for the docs, too.

        Every entity here is "for profit". That's the problem. They must all go back to "not for profit" in order to contain the costs, imo.

    • Notice that 33% of premium dollars go toward hospitals, 15% toward physicians and +10% toward drug companies. Only 5-7% go toward health insurers' administrative expenses which consistently reduce costs to the majority of subscribers. The uninsured should think about getting additional skills to get better paying jobs. That way, they can pay for their own health insurance. The tonik plan from WellPoint starts at $60/mth. If people don't have $60/mth for health insurance, they have a much more serious problem.

    • What is this guy talking about? Health insurers have made quality medical cares more affordable to the general public. Without the WLP and the UNH, doctors will never get their hands out of our pockets. All these liberals with their 'national health plan' never understand the complexity of the issues involved and american's unwillingness to be constrained by government agencies or insurers.

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