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  • jfair50 jfair50 Feb 18, 2010 2:35 PM Flag


    WLP is going to be crucified and their secret second set of books will surely come out. Wait til the public learns who they have paid off and how much to screw policy holders.

    MILLIONS and MILLIONS wasted on bribes for politicans, lawyers, PR liars and regal executive perks.

    What waste! This is WRONG!

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    • Another bad day for WLP with the market rising. Sell is my sense. This company should not be chartered to do business. WLP's insurance practices and charges, as well as its fraudulent and insufficient reporting of expenses, are so at odds with the public interest which it insults and damages every day, it should lose its charter in every state and run by either the state or federal govt, as is Medicare.

    • Yes - you are right. They do hide these illegitimate expenses and they are the main reason WLP customer's are treated so shabbily with these astronomical rate increases in hard times...

      Here are some links for people to study about the separate secret book-keeping WLP engages in.

      "Providers indicate that around 15-30% of their costs are insurance claims related. Insurers costs include not only profit, but exorbitant executive salaries, advertising, something called, uh . . .governmental affairs (loosely translates as "bribes"), etc. all of which would fall away under single payer."

      ""In the past year, they have endorsed single-payer as a legitimate, if not preferable option. I estimate that my overhead would drop 15 percent immediately with single-payer. Doctors and hospitals commit substantial overhead costs to keep up with multiple carriers and their denials and varying benefit packages. It seems hospitals employ more billing clerks than registered nurses. On the insurance side, Medicare spends three percent on administrative overhead while private insurers spend from 15-27 percent additionally on marketing, shareholder profits, and salaries and bonuses that can individually exceed $10 million a year for each of their executives. It is estimated that over $350 billion would be saved by moving from our current system to an improved Medicare-for-all system."
      That's 15% out of the Dr. bill and 15% out of the insurance cost. "

      There's so much more dirt you can find on WLP's false lying accounting system. The public should get access to all their real bookS!