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  • juryman07 juryman07 Feb 22, 2010 5:30 AM Flag

    Doctor Doctor, Mr. MD. Part 4

    I read somewhere that Cuban longevity compares to ours and their babies and moms do better than in the US. They spend $600 per person per year on health care. Of course, they don;t have all the fancy medical technology some of us have access to, but they treat their people's health as if it is a human right. In the US profits nearly always comes first. That is wrong. Especially since, we can see that unregulated capitalism brings terrible bouts of unemployment that can least years. The people should come ahead of Wall Street, too. Obama can make nice speeches, but he doesn't really stand for the things he sometimes talks about. His people are for WAR in faraway places and appeasing the very rich. We really don't have a political party that is for PEACE and REAL ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY. That shouldn't be. The Soviets always said we had a phoney democracy. Now I know what they meant.

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