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  • juryman07 juryman07 Mar 1, 2010 7:17 PM Flag

    Most in U.S. demand public health option: poll


    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Most Americans would like to see a "public option" in health insurance reform but doubt anything Congress does will lower costs or improve care in the short term, according to a poll released on Thursday.

    Health | Healthcare Reform

    The survey of 2,999 households by Thomson Reuters Corp shows a public skeptical about the cost, quality and accessibility of medical care.

    Just under 60 percent of those surveyed said they would like a public option as part of any final healthcare reform legislation, which Republicans and a few Democrats oppose.

    * Believe in public option: 59.9 percent yes, 40.1 percent no.

    The nationally representative survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.8 percent.

    * 86 percent of Democrats support the public option versus 57 percent of Independents and 33 percent of Republicans.

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    • Greeks are in the streets demanding an end to plutocracy. To avoid that civil unrest, it would be wise if WLP was disbanded and destroyed and people provided health insurance by their government. Of course this would not be free, so US militarism must stop, overseas based closed and wars stopped AND the rich must be very heavily taxed. Inheritance taxes should be confiscatory. Make little preppies work! Stock trading in and out should be heavily taxed, too.

    • DEMAND is the right word. Who ever votes against public option is an "enemy of the people". We are watching you COngresspeople! Your votes will be duly noted and publicized. Your campaign contributions from health isnurance will be shown to all!

    • But not Obama!

    • "Show us the financial statement that says 85% goes to health care costs for the insured."

      You're sitting at a computer, dude. Look up the financial statements yourself.

    • "And without a doubt a high probability of being black or indian for the reasons explained above."

      Well, aren't you the stinking little bigot on top of being a liar?

      Go back and read your link, CPA. What happens when repurchased stock is retired, or ends up as part of a $10M compensation package?

      Is that a direct cost of health care?

      Here's what really happens: If WLP collected $100 in 1990 to cover $70 in direct health care, in 2009 they collected $440 to cover about $200 worth of direct costs.

      But! you say, They spend 85% on direct health costs! Not so. They allocate 85% of expenditures to "Losses and Benies." The benies are benefits, the losses are things like stock repurchases, perks, lobbying expenses, bribes, etc.

      They can spend several billion each year buying back their stock and retiring much of it - thus stimulating trading and stock price increases. And so, as the CEO's options vest, yum yum yum!

      They are pigs at the trough, and you are a slimy little lying bigot who, as Trent pointed out, probably has some WLP stock. Sell it and sin no more.

    • You are beyond stupid. You are trying to argue accounting theory with a CPA. Gulfresh is right there are some very dumb people arguing about things they no nothing about. You are too ignorant for me to give you anymore accounting lessons. Yes cash is used to buyback stock, what do you think they use dopey!!

    • I think all you people who refute the fully published and documented facts have one thing in common.
      You have the inability to reason
      You want something for nothing
      You want someone else to pay your way
      And without a doubt a high probability of being black or indian for the reasons explained above.

      Stereo types are real
      Why because they are true

    • Rising cost percentages haven't changed the the percentage spent on direct health care costs. So
      Your filled with delusional make believe thoughts.
      Where is this magical link you speak of that refutes what I posted?

    • Trent,

      You are right, of course. I come back rarely.

      What I hate is that they repeat their lies until the lies become conventional wisdom for the intellectually lazy.

      I hope that people will look into this and see what pack of lies these insurance trolls spew.

      They deserve what's coming.

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