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  • automann123 automann123 Oct 18, 2003 11:10 AM Flag

    smoke signals on the horizon?

    Hey there group...been some time for me.

    I have the impression from inside NAPA that something big is coming down the pike!

    I am assuming a new acquistion or takeover of an already proven business model is the ticket. Maybe an alternative marketing approach also? Just somethingk new I hear.

    NAPA has been trying to catch up with the specialty equipment businessds (sport compact/light truck/high performance) that is clogging their competitors stores with customers and market share. AZO has been very good at this. They do not market to that demographic at all and are in need of a better plan. Somethings up and I don't know what but change is good and I am willing to buy now for the bounce!

    Anybody out there know of such about "speechlessforonce"...are you out there bud?

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    • I think you're talking about the link site. ITs pretty good, but private. I'll get anyone who wants it the information in e-mail on the condition its not posted to the board as that's the condition that it was given to me.

      Hotwheelman: you have good thoughts that you shared with me in our e-mail conversation. Why all the hostility here? I happen to know galat isn't vet for a fact.

    • Hotman, since you have really nothing to add in regards to gpc maybe you can get back to your strategies about trading or investing here. You made a big statement on the 9th about buying etc. Was that a long term investment or a trade?

      Anyone who has watched this stock for any length of time knows to buy in the low 30's or high 20's and sell in the mid 30's.

      This stock seems to work that range.

      Buying in the mid 32's based on your "memphis" information did not seem to make sense.

      Is that what your frustrated with?

      Yahoo has good stats in regards to historical prices. Be carefull with that inside information that you think you might have. Look at the ranges and dates instead.

    • Wow hotwheels boy, for someone who came to the board blowing smoke about nonsense you sure have added your bit.

      I do not see any similarity between vets and galats posts at all. I speculate that vet is a jobber or possibly works for one who is critical of the ivory tower boys and galat possibly one of those boys worried about the carquest guys.

      Anyone care to post a link to hotman's web site? I'd like to see what this knucklehead is made of during the day when he is sober. lol.

    • Did you bump your head ??

    • Oh shucks! I forgot to change my posting name. Dang! Hey, Vet...can you give me some pointers on how to keep 2-3 names on the list straight? Its confusing to post as so many diffent people. I guess I do respect you - you have that talent and manage to keep your different personalities straight!

      So there you go mean Galat...I mean <insert one of several names here>, I do think you're A-OK!

    • Well gosh, Hotwheelsman, you're sooo right. And I think you're the greatest too! You so cool. Of course I've never met you before and don't know you and have no knowledge of who you are - but know that you are super duper smart and so incredibly "on target" with everything you say!

    • What's that? Yeah, You go Hotwheelsman! You are the best and smartest and swellest guy of all time!!

    • No, this is the year to save on our windfalls.

      I'm still waiting for some insight from you Vet. I sincerely want to get something of value from you....consider it your Christmas present to me?

    • hotwh33lsman: Where did you go? Out spending all that money you made on your last trade?

    • hotwh33lsman: Well let's see you said you were buying GPC on 12/9/03 and you would have a big increase on Thursday. That works out to a whopping .0095% gain. If you were so sure that AZO was going down big time why didn't you short it?
      By the way AZO says they have over 50% of their vendors on scan and pay. How's that working out for GPC? I am sure you have that info since you are in the know.

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