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  • ancientrodder ancientrodder Nov 11, 2004 6:46 AM Flag

    No more GPC for me

    After being pretty high on most things at GPC, and knowing something about the market having participated, I have found out that NAPA has certain employees working in company stores that DO NOT HAVE ANY HEALTH BENEFITS exteneted to them? WHAT? Yes, I have corroborated the story and this includes managers?

    While I have enjoyed some of the gains here, it's an ethical and moral issue with me. Smart management is one thing...but greed is another. I am out of here.

    I wonder how much of this is going on. Anyone at headquarters like to chime in?

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    • Re: Barbee. He has earned his new job. Another one, like Keith, a school teacher turned NAPA Store Manager for the Zeke family in Lake Tahoe. Joined GPC as a Mgmt Trainee and has done every job in the GPC handbook. He is sales minded and spirited. He's a contributor and not a parasite. He is the product of that Sacramento Management Stable that gave GPC the likes of Larry Samuelson and Glenn Chambers. Wayne Wells knew how to grow them well.

    • Speechless you are exactly right. I'm not sure where this incident supposedly happend, but its more likely that it's a managers fault not getting paperwork in rather than GPC as a company. There would be absolutely no way you would know that unless you did research on the corporate level. I think your moral effort is a great one, just make sure you touch all your bases first before making a statement that is most likely false ;)

    • A lot of this is going on....also "cooking the books" ask some of the old "fired" dc gm's why they were let go..Because they got caught by an independant audit. Thats when atlanta covers their ass and fires the gm took make it look like an isolated incident.........Check out in the west coast.....that was the most recent one

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      • Not bitter, are we? By looking at the time you posted, you probably had a pretty good headache this morning. Hey, I'm bitter too, but it is very focused, and very real, and could be solved by GPC, if they WANTED to. I've spent the last 12 years selling product for NAPA. Now, I wasn't employed by NAPA, but I sold NAPA product, and I sold it faithfully. Wix? Screw em! That was my competetion, and that guy was taking money out of my pocket.

        For some stupid, asinine reason, NAPA has always thought that we, the reps, weren't on the same page as NAPA. What page was that? The sell NAPA product page. News flash, I didn't have access to sell Wix. I also didn't make any money selling Wix product. I made/make money selling NAPA product.

        Then there's the thought that being under the GPC umbrella would mean that OUR company wouldn't have us doing things in the field that take away from selling time. Chasing down credits, reports, etc. Hey, McFly, that's the job you idiot. District Sales Manager is more than just selling, it's taking care of the customer. The DC's are the ones that take away from selling out in the field. To the DC's, we have always been free labor. Got an inventory, have the reps do it. Need to stock the DC or put up class, have the reps do it. Talk about a profit center.

        Now, I've seen the trend that NAPA's been heading towards for quite a while. So when the hammer fell, I was somewhat ready. Here's my problem. When NAPA buys out a competitors store and makes them theirs, they take care of the employees, and they keep their time served. As I said at the beginning of this rant, I've spent the last 12 years selling nothing but NAPA product, for NAPA and their customers. But when I was told that we were coming over here, and that didn't mean a damn thing, let me tell you, I knew then and there who and what I would be working for. And you can take that "It's in the by-laws" stuff and, well, you know what you can do with it. By-laws are ammended all the time. Dana and GPC could have worked out a scenario where Dana could have made a donation to GPC's pension fund, and we would have been covered. You'll keep people, but you'll also loose alot of good people. It's already started, and it's not going to stop any time soon. You've got time to make it right folks, but not much. If you think that everyones not looking, your ignorant. Good people will ALWAYS be able to find jobs. Hemi, you will be missed. Good luck.

    • thenumber33, I agree with your point. It would be had to tell the difference. Especially since DC's have a strong interest in seeing these stores have success.

    • That's my point. Wouldn't these stores appear to be company owned and in reality, one of the partnership/growth capital stores? If so, is it possible these are the referenced employees, the ones without benefits? I, and some others on this board, find it hard to believe that GPC would have full-time employees not offered benefits. If it's true, I will pull my (small) investment right away. I would not want to be associated, in any way, with an company condoning those actions.

    • As I understand it, partnership stores have been phased over to capital growth where possible. Some partnerships still exist, but benefits are the responsiblity of the independent owner partner, as the goal of the program is to get the store able to stand on it's own without GPC involvement. Partnership employees would work for that store, not GPC. I may be wrong but this is how I understood the program to work.

    • The 4th is the partnership stores they promote from time to time.

    • ancient: I was told it was part time employees working less than 20 hrs per week that didn't have health bene's. Maybe that manager is working less than 20 ... but being paid for 40? GPC is ethically and morally sound, no enron there. You need to find new GPC friends. By the way since you left ... the stock went over 42 and is knockin' on 43. Makes you wonder what tomorrow will bring ... do all of us present stockholders a favor...don't buy anymore GPC stock.

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      • galat: What is new at HQ? I thought I heard the sound of an axe falling.


      • Galat.....I respect your views and info but quite frankly you ARE WRONG this time. I think it's an ethical wrongdoing to have the full monty yourselve yet deny it to the very ones who make you.

        Both managers of the store are without benefits and work full weeks. I would be glad to offer up the location if it comes to that and you can check it out yourselves. I don't want to get these guys in trouble, but this is not hearsay, it's from the horses' mouths. But, with your last statement and others flip comments, you guys don't give a flip anyhow....I am preaching to a ethical vacuum then.

        Go ahead......make your bucks on these guys backs that provide the very profits that YOU enjoy. And we wonder why our country is going to hell in a handbasket?

        For me, I am different and not buying anymore. While I do think that GPC is a old time conservative company, I KNOW that they are greedy just like the rest to pull stunts like this. This can't be a huge dollar issue for a few....or maybe its many?? Having served ethically in a major competitor and other markets, I never would think of such a thing. Sorry if I disappoint the few here that think this way.

    • Why do the folks you mentioned work at NAPA?

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