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  • dayves dayves Dec 11, 2001 4:49 PM Flag

    Did you guys see the MRK warning

    They said flat 2002. Maybe the recovery isn't right around the corner after all.

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    • fsnoddy wrote:

      " It just cracks me up that when things do happen your way, you brag about it. When they don't, you fall back on your "patience" mantra."

      Well, I DID work on the Street, you know :)

      What's up with JNPR all of a sudden?

    • Lose money on something you said? Not at all. I'm sure I would have made lots of money following your advice, but I don't make trades based on what someone at a chat board says, just like I don't make trades based on what someone at the water cooler says. I've been long on RIMM three different times over the past three years, and all three times I've made significant money (well, significant by my pauper means. Chump change for a multi-millionaire like you).

      I find it funny that you preach patience but brag about your one day and one week returns when it is convenient.

      And again, I'm not saying you are right or wrong. But it seems to me that are the one trying to convince everyone of major returns in the coming months if you follow your advice. And you've been saying that for awhile. It just cracks me up that when things do happen your way, you brag about it. When they don't, you fall back on your "patience" mantra. How is that different from any long out there? Watch the magic in this prediction: buy Intel at $33 and if you use patience, I'm sure it will be more than $33 a decade from now. When it goes to $15, just be patient.

      The remarkable thing about everything I just typed out is that I'm not sure I even have a point. Just want to waste time I guess.

    • Did you lose money based on something I said?

    • Look at the nasdaq chart. It's making lower lows and lower highs as we continue into the recession. The peak at 5,000 will not be reached again for decades to come.

      Your judgement has become a victim of the "instant gratification" market of the late 90's. You cannot expect to see instant results when you place a trade. You need to wait several months for a signifigant payoff. The extreme volitality of the late 90's is something that we will not see in the market for decades....until the next bubble exists.

      The trades that I''ve been placing over the past few months will provide a 50%+ return over the next several months. That's an amazing return for a bear market.

      A year from now, when the market is just dragging along the bottom, and there's no 20% intra-day moves in tech stocks, you'll wish you had shorted the market at this point.

      Like I keep saying....patience. Without it, the market will take all your money.

      If you don't like my comments or opinion, just ignore them. Six months from now, you'll wish you hadn't.........

    • If it happened in Kuwait then it will definitely happen here!

      And who, other than Yoda, predicted mass selling in December?

    • "All the stocks I've shorted will fall hard over the coming months...."

      Too funny. I think I read the exact same post by you six months ago.

      I have to admit that when I first came to this board I was put off by your extreme bearishness. Then I came around on you because your arguments, when you stayed away from your end of the world nonsense, seemed to make logical sense. Now you just sound like a broken record. "Patience. Coming months. Blah blah blah."

      Of course, maybe I'm just bitter I didn't follow any of your long suggestions.

    • yoda,i agree with you.brokers are trying hard to pump the stocks they have been holding in order to improve their performance for the year.i think the selling will start in january and not in december as everyone is predicting.

    • rice-

      I just see no point in discussing the obvious. All the stocks I've shorted will fall hard over the coming months, and now it's just a waiting game. Trying to time this casino is a losing game at this point, so it's better to simply build positions and wait for the payoff.....

      Are you still of the opinion that the bottom has been reached, and that it's all up from here?

      Im sure American Express layed off another 6,000 today in order to make room for future expansion.....

    • Not sleeping much?

    • Ivory tower,get it right.Typical male bravado,I think not.Weak position,now you`re talking .When you can`t refute the facts and know you are wrong baffle them with bullshit right yoda.That was another weak attempt at deflection,your ego has consuned you and is beginning to cloud your vision.

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