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  • itm2000 itm2000 Sep 30, 2004 2:26 PM Flag



    You obviously know nothing about public relations and marketing. Only an idiot could consider this negative or unimportant.

    Don't waste your time posting when you have customers awaiting your pizza delivery. Get back to work.


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    • I consider that is negative, they are so desparate that why they have to come to cnbc. Do you see any stock that just about to run up big time and cnbc mention before the stock run up. No. They are like us, they don't know any thing but their motor mouth keep running.

    • hate to tell you but hound is right they are generally the kiss of death. Believe me I know many of my stocks tanked after the CEO made comments on CNBC

    • In investing, rarely do you find popular great investments. You get rich when everyone is on one side of the boat and you move to the other. Especially when they majority has it so wrong. Go to the Forbes link on the history of distruptive technologies. (Replace the ** with tt)


      Read about Bubba:

      Here is a commercial for WiMAX I�d like to see:

      A hotshot analyst for Fidelity responds to an ad in the WSJ for fly fishing in Georgia. He books the trip on his new Blackberry. When Bubba picks him up at Houston County Airport he loads the gear in the back of his old pickup. Between the seats of the pickup Bubba has a laptop he bought off of Ebay (the Z key sticks). After he bought a $30 card, he pays $15 a month for service (usually it is $30 but he still has a student ID). But now he doesn�t need a cell phone (it was $30 and half of it was tax). On the way to the fishing spot Bubba gets live weather maps, news, streaming video, instant messaging, listens to music and calls his brother in South Africa with something called VOIP. Bubba is also emailing a sweet girl in Warner Robins to whom he just gave his phone number.
      The analyst is out of Blackberry range and fails to realize his vivacious intern wants to thank him for the after hours trading session and especially the flowers. She leaves emails and phone messages but finally resorts to a sticky note on the analyst�s screen. Later, the analyst�s fianc�e (his boss�s daughter) finds the note and tries to recall the last time she received flowers.
      Back at the stream the analyst has assured himself there are no fish after trying to �match the hatch� with variety of entomological imposters. Bubba drops an attractor pattern in an eddy behind a boulder with his garage sale fly rod, hooks a 22 inch trout and hands the analyst the pole.
      On the way back to town Bubba sells the analyst a picture of him holding the trout and emails it to him, gets the call from his new friend in Warner Robins and sets up dinner while viewing streaming sports video. Bubba reveals that he has been trading stocks since 1999. He started with $100 which he turned into $1000 (but he made a lot of mistakes). Bubba goes long and short and right now he is shorting a symbol RIMM. Welcome to Intel Country.

      I can�t count the losers, but the last mile is here and it is wireless.

      Bubba doesn't need a Blackberry

      This is here today:


      It is a huge risk to have a position in this stock at the close because you are betting on a conference call. Ultimately, however, the $12B market cap will evaporate.

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