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  • fraud_from_the_hole_in_waterloo fraud_from_the_hole_in_waterloo Sep 23, 2005 3:51 PM Flag


    2. lead shot when u go fishing
    3. put it under your stairmaster to level it
    4. Footboard for water skiing in a rice ditch
    5. Pizza roller at papa johns.
    6. bird for trap shooting
    7. Dog chew toy.
    8. Wind chime.
    9. Ceiling tile
    10. hockey puck
    11. paper weight
    12. dog brush
    13. hamster gym
    14. carpenter square
    15. bogus radar detector in your camaro
    16. pot holder
    17. cookie cutter imprint
    18. air freshener
    19. candle holder
    20. proverbial cup holder
    21. microwave safe plate
    22. stock picking dart board
    23. jugs gun backstop
    24. jugs gun change up
    25. programmable chip for test rocket
    26. purple cow prize inside
    27. wireless mouse pad
    28. sling media wireless pizza hole.
    29. Dog Squeegie
    30. Garlic Press
    31. Top Water Bass Lure
    32. Cornhole Plug
    33. Medicine Ball for Smeer the queer
    34. Waterloo Booster Chair
    35. Vibrating sex toy
    36. Sour Milk deodorant stick
    37. Toasted Cheese sandwich hot plate.
    38. Relatively cheap garden hose.
    39. After Market Car Part.
    40. Top Ramen Cooker
    41. Lightmaster Plus II
    42. Chicken wire reinforcment.
    43. Meat tenderizing tool for the Grillmaster II
    44. Indestructable boat buoy.
    45. Keyless entry for your new 06 corvette
    46. Warm and Form Back Brace molder
    47. Waffle maker
    49. Multi use Kitchen tool.
    50. Steamless rice cooker.
    51. Liquid soap dispenser
    52. Caris cheese grater
    53. Intel flashlight battery holder
    53. Gallium semiconductor illuminating light fixture
    54. Backlit cherry ice cream illuminator w/ LCD screen.
    55. Snow cone maker assessment tool.
    56. vortex ball bonder fragmentation tool.
    57. 802.11x frijole maker w/ built in IP addressing.
    58. LCD Toilet plunger
    59. Sprinkler head
    60. Jet Blue Front wheel
    61. Free Gas give away in Texas
    62. New Jamba Juice flavor w/ protien powder
    63. Waterloo warrior New Carls' junior bobble head
    64. Power Washer adaptor
    65. Bookmark
    66. Place Marker for craps table.
    67. Waterloo time clock for employees
    68. Re Usable coffee filter
    69. Just for Men Hair color
    70. Jimboys taco pot cleaner
    71. Toxic Convertible Bond Offering
    72. Fidlity Christmas calandar
    73. Load pictures and then jerk off.
    74. art deco
    75. Try it in a clam bake
    76. Cerebral Charlie Drool bowl.
    77. 3-D Chi Square for that online trading tool
    78. slide rule for that 4th and 5th wave
    79. lending tree card holder
    80. Eye patch for Texas Hold'm
    81. place mat for tea w/ frugal kim
    82. palm treo docking port
    83. extra USB II port for your laptop
    84. Try to install SuSe 9.3
    85. Store some extra print drivers
    86. Insure it w/ LockLine and then feed it to a giraff.
    87. Try it as a fly swatter
    88. Make a paper airplane out of the 'rebate' form..
    89. Send one to dick cheney to use as a knee pillow.
    90. Send one to your fidelity broker to use as a jackhammer on his asshole.
    91. Use it as a face plate for the NBA finals.
    92. Fry up some garlic rice w/ it
    93. Use it as a plyoball rebounder!
    94. Tie Jigs w/ it
    95. Replace your jellin's w/ it
    96. Program your dog w/ some vaporware to fetch a ball
    97. Use it to teach your fish to say...."it's a ball silly."
    98. Use it as a stock sale decoy.
    99. Wear it as a halloween costume.
    100. Use it to sue somebody.
    101. Send it to NO to use as a life vest.
    102. Donate it to the new head of fema to wear as a hat.
    103. Use it as a jungle gym for your pet turtle.
    104. Mash it up and use it as fish food.

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