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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 May 15, 2006 2:11 PM Flag

    Amidst the paid-for SELL posts...

    ... there's folks like I, who're telling you what anybody with half a brain should know --

    this is a high-tech version of "pet rocks" -- that is, for one short period (did it last 5 years?), you HAD!! to have a "berry" if you wanted to show you were a "big boy" or girl.

    But when an item goes past fad to either commodity or extravagance, the first ones there (having peddled panache and the like) generally can't hack it. I remind myself almost every day how much more comfortable I'd be financially here in '06 had I been a little more "centered" (i.e., "grounded") back in in '99 or so.

    Thus my "radar" for here-we-go-again is especially finely tuned. NOWHERE do I see -- actually, smell is more like the sense one needs to use -- a tall tree (pine-like if you know your trees) that's not gonna withstand the next storm (now in progress ??)

    I'm not predicting that the break point will be 3-6 feet off the ground.... That is, RIMM could easily hold onto 60% of its current market cap. But to own something that's 30-50% overvalued has got to be the dumbest thing on earth.

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